Happy new year… O_o I’m going stir crazy.

Hello out there in the world of word press! Its been a long time.

Firstly, I’m currently switching from cruchyroll to funimation.

The reason for this is because I just can’t be bothered to read sub (yes I’m lazy). The reason for that is:

I’m writing to train myself to be a better writer. 

THIS IS NOT FUN! I don’t know if you guys have ever noticed but, I have no concept of basic English language skills.  You may say “didn’t you once mention that you had a C in English language?” yes, but not for my written work.  I have the rare skill of being able to put on a presentation and not send everyone to sleep.

As my college English tutor said to me, “You have the gift of the gab.”  Strange seeing as human contact general courses me a load of physical pain (I’m now seeing a doctor about that…at least I’m on a waiting list for one).

I have been trying to keep up with my new years resolution of writing a short story once a day for one hour… which turns out to be harder then it originally looked.


T_T I only managed to write for 20 minutes today (the topic I randomly chose was not interesting).  It still counts technically (this is just as much a task of discipline as it is about my writing seed).

It’s odd to think that I’m at my most stir crazy when my brain is going at 100%. O_o How can my mind want to be around people when I don’t like being around people (maybe it just want to stretch its communication mussels).

Guess I would like to play Dungeons and dragons again… too bad I have no one to play it with anymore. I know all the rules and have read ALL the E5 books, maybe I should look in streaming a game.

If anyone wants an online dungeons and dragons game I’m willing to try and DM it. 

Been an odd year for me 2017.

Let’s try and find some stability it 2018!

 *I know for a fact my ability to spot error is improving.*


XD Got my copy!

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a long time (don’t have anything to blog about).

If you live in the UK you will know just how hard it is to get hold of these!


I only got hold of my copy because our shop had numbered the books in the order of when we pre-ordered them (good thing I pre-order my book straight away).

*Our shop still needs a load of normal copies and one more limited edition (all pre-orders).*

This apparently a problem all across the UK and even on amazon.

This saturation make me really angry because this book is (on this day) number 15  ‘USA’ on the amazon bestselling books.

Is that where all our allocated stock went? I will be super angry if I go into a game shop and see this book on there shelves (There are way too many people still waiting for them).

Additional: Dose anyone else have gluey finger prints on the limited edition copies? 

First impression Anime-Gataris


Not a lot to choose from this season.

This anime is about references…and that is it.

I have a question for you:  If a show lists off the names of other shows are they referencing them or just stating their existence?

Here is another question: When dose referencing turn into stealing?

In episode 2 the girls go outside and handout flyers while dressed like bunny girls (Haruhi Suzumiya reference). Here is the problem- they don’t do anything with it! In the original show they are referring the gag goes like this:

  1. Setup – Get Mikuru into a sexy bunny outfit to sell flyers
  2. Reinforcement – The girls get ready to give out the handouts when a teacher shows up.
  3. Payoff – they got in trouble for dressing inappropriately at the school gates.

Here is another example:

At the end of episode 2 the school council came crashing in saying their club won’t be excepted…even though they had not sent a form in yet??? I don’t think even power-hungry councils in anime can discuss and reject a club that doesn’t exist.

I was also left wondering if the show was sponsored by the studio behind ‘Re:Zero’, how many times can you name drop one show.

The show need to find a stable story structure, the novelty of referencing can only get you so far.


I’m Back!

Finally got the computer room sorted out!

What have I been up-to? T-T I’m studying how the English language functions, so that I can improve the way I type (it makes for some really dry reading).

Anime blogging is the simplest way for me to practice sentence constitution.

*I missed blogging.*

I have seen a couple of episodes from this new season, and i’m more then ready to start typing up what I thought of them (Some show are very…peculiar this season).  ^-o With my sweet DB by my-side I can watch anything.

There is something about watching anime with others that just makes it more fun.

E.g: Me and DB were watching ‘Dies irae’ when the ending song started to play; we both reacted accordingly.

Icy/DB: “This ain’t a song for the broken hearted!”

XD You don’t get moments like that when you are on your own.

Update on what is going on.

I’m not dead, I just have a messy computer room at the moment.

Hello! I have moved house and have settled in quite nicely.

The room my computer is currently in is being used as a storage shed while we wait to get more bookshelves for our stuff.

*I’m currently  on my knees typing while the screen cable stretches across the room. *

I needed the computer to look up something and thought it would be a good excuse to tell you guys me and DB are still planning to get the blog up and working again.

moral quandary

let me get this off my cheat: You are not better then other people because you can read fast! T_o If anyone uses the argument “If you can’t read subs fast your dumb” I will shove  a pine-cone up your butt.  Many people can’t read fast because they have conditions like dyslexia (I have no time for that bull).

Now to the actual moral quandary:

I was at game shop selling my wiiu when the guy at the counter was trying to convince me not to sell it (don’t you want my goods???).

He told me that if I modded it I could get loads of free games….. he was telling me to pirate Nintendo games.

I love this game shop, the staff are really friendly and they know there games. I just think that telling me to do that was extremely confusing (you make your money on sales) and super illegal.

*He was talking like he would be willing to do it for me.* 

I declined the skeevy offer.

O_O Game shop owners around my area really hate the switch.


moving next week.

we should be getting the keys for our new home next week (scary).

I don’t know how long it will take us to sort out gas/electric before even contemplating internet providers.

  O_o I’m mentally freaking out about leaving the house!

The worst thing about all of this is that I’ll be the only one in there most of the time.

It’s going to be wired to go from only having a small box room to an entire house to move around (might just crawl into a small corner until I get used to it).

I hope we can coexist with each-other.

Xbox needs to update its names

I just realised that the xbox one has some really dated names:

  • xbox one super  (s)

  • xbox one extreme(x)

O_o Is there next consoles name going to be xbox one R (radical).
“extreme box one extreme” That is a lot of extreme.*

Couldn’t we just shorten it to BO-X³

BO X-cubed makes for a funnier pun (X,B,O,X = x-box-one-x).


I can see many parents failing to read the name of this new console: “You want the new box one?”

*X box one X*

kid: “I wanted an xbox one X.”

parent: “I got you a xbox one S.”

I had a shock at the game shop!

I’m cleaning the shelves of games I no longer play.

This includes:

  • wii
  • gamecube
  • wiiU

I sort of knew what I would get around for the wiiU games…however, I must have had a though gems in there because my final total back was £120!

O_o . . . How did that happen? this was just junk on the shelf???

XD when I was leaving the shop a random guy asked me for the left over stuff in the box (stuff the shop would not take).

Guy:”How much!?”

Me: “You can it for free.”

Guy “Thanks!” XD


DB: “why didn’t you ask for money?”

Me: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I gave it to him for the same reason I gave you the money from the anime I didn’t want; my final plan for them was ether charity or the bin.”

*The games they didn’t take did function.*

O_O I gave a load of manga to charity just to clear the shelves (I must of introduced a lot of teens in the village to manga that month).

XD  My nephew fell in love with my old 90’s Mr blobby doll (One man’s trash is another man’s treasure).

Never undervalue the price of stuff, but never undervalue what it means to someone.


Thinking about reinventing my blog

I’m still going to watching anime (let’s make that clear).

I’m going to clear my current watch list and start afresh from the beginning of these anime (it’s been way too long since I watched a load of the show on the list).

I will still be doing a first, middle and final impression…however, all 3 of these dairies will eventually lead to me writing a full review on the show.

One of the reason this blog was failing to engage me was because it no longer fulfilled its original purpose.

I made the blog in order to keep my sanity during the transition from college life too adult life.


Now that I’m finally moving house I will no longer have to worry about feeling claustrophobic or trapped under the thumb of my child life.

Writing fuller reviews will help me develop a better understanding of how to write long paragraphs without coming off too clinical or rambly.

When we move and get the internet running I will consider putting this plan into action.