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Day break illusion ending (reaction)

ImageI guess this show honestly does not care about the intelligence of its audience.

Excusing the creepy undertones of incest, this show expects you to just go with the flow and just except any load of  bull it presents you.

“I’m back guys”  How????? Why??? Explain show, EXPLAIN!

“The sun is too bright”   明(bright )  a combination of sun and moon… there is so much more that could of been explored here.

“You are half Daemonia”  . . .  this makes the story darker, for the wrong reasons.

All in all, i’m happy to have finished this show.

*For once I have something to talk about in next week’s review *

Review: Kinmoza


Plot summary

An Engrish girl goes to a Japanese high school.

*The winner of the shortest plot summary*

I spent most of the day trying to find a morsel of inspiration so that I could design the side image for this review. I ended up having to be very creative by making the box look like the rising sun and the rice looks like blonde hair.                                  *gave myself a pat on the back *


On with the review

There is not really much going on in this show….. Why did I watch it?

This show has a very deceiving first episode that will have you thinking that this show was going to be about two girls from different countries learning to be friend even though they can’t understand each other.                                                                                                                                                  So where did that episode come from?                                                                                           Answer: it was a 4 panel side joke about how the girls only knew 1 word in each other language.

There only other noteworthy episode of this show has to be the extra story on the ending of episode 12, for it actually has a good pacing and achieved its goal of making me bow down to their cuteness.


I couldn’t describe this shows characters outside of 3 Japanese friends and 2 Engrish friends. (Who have blonde hair) actual let’s talk about the Engish for a moment.    “My ear are bleeding”  *just joking*

When you have a Japanese character on a TV show/cartoon do you expect them to talk your language fluently? The answer is no.

Would you expect their accent to change so that it fit the show better? The answer is no.

Would you expect them to culturally adapt fast? NO!

Alice might as well of been Japanese because you can’t tell she is even from a different country. (Unless the anime is implying that blond girls only come from the uk.)

Her English is so broken that you can’t make out any dialect/accent out to save your life. They got better at  spacing the English words in the final episodes, yet they got worse at choosing sentences that make logical sense.


In conclusion, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about this show outside of it being a slice of life with 2 Engrish girls.
Final thoughts: *I’m amazed that I managed to write a review for this show.*


i give this show: 4

A cute show that is really let down by it’s annoying gimmick.

crunchyroll: nothing on?

There seems to be very little anime streaming this season on crunchyroll and the shows they are steaming have the annoying honer of being region locked.

Out of 8 shows, only 4 are watchable *3 if you discount “Valvrave the Liberator” season 2*

come on cruchy, i want something to watch this season.

Day break illusion v Madoka

First of all I’m not a fan of ether show however, I can appreciate the mechanic of each show.

Main plot

Day break illusion: Could you be a magical girl and live with the knowledge that you murder people.

Madoka:  Homura wants to save Madoka from her own fate.  (You only need to watch ep10-12 to understand the plot)

Madoka as a character isn’t very endearing, so I’m giving this point to Day break illusion because it’s the only reason anyone can stomach this show.

Day break illusion: 1/1

Madoka:  0/1

Sub plot

Day break illusion: hello show, can I ask how old is your audience?  *looks on mal* oh 17+ you say, can I ask one more question: WHY ARE YOU SPOON FEEDING US?

Your audience has the patience to watch characters develop; we don’t need just 1 episode dedicated to explaining who they are.

 Madoka: Sayaka steals the show, if wasn’t for her interactions with Mami and Kyoko I would not be able to stomach this anime.

It’s a clear point for madoka.

Day break illusion: 1/1

Madoka:  1/1

Character Designs

Day break illusion:  milky holmes + space cake = Day break illusion                                                     *truly a repulsive combination *

Madoka: ahhhh baby face.

Originally I was really repulsed by madoka’s designs; why would I want to watch young girls who are designed very moe get murdered, tortured and emotional damaged. I still find it unnerving to see characters this young go through this much pain.

On the flipside I don’t like Day break illusion for similar reasons however, with Madoka the characters comprehend/ reflect on their saturation like teens. *for the most part*                                                    If Day break illusion wants to be taken seriously then it needs characters that can respond to depressing saturation’s in a realistic manner. (A group of cute moe friends will not work in this saturation.)

I will have to give Madoka the point. *they might look young but they don’t straight up look like young children.*


No point comparing these two. (Madoka is known for its sound track)
Day break illusion: I can sort of remember the opening theme.

Day break illusion: 1/4

Madoka:  3/4

final thoughts:

I have just shown you all of this information explaining why I think madoka is structurally better however, that is not an excuse to believe that you are smarter than Day break illusion fan.

The madoka fan are starting to turn into the sailor moon fan, they believe that their anime is the only good magical girl show and if you like anything ells you are an inferior fan.

You have the right to watch any magical girl show of your choosing; no one has the right to dictate what anime you should/shouldn’t be watching.

Fate/kaleid liner prisma ilya ending (reaction)


First of all there is going to be a season 2. *woop woop*

The first half of this episode is exactly what we all wanted, kick-but action which surrounds you in amazing animation and finally closing up with a powerful finishing move.

I still find the reason the two girls fell out to be very forced and slightly confusing; There were times during this episode that I don’t even think the characters really understood why they fallout.                  (It just felt like a pointless excuse to cause conflict)

The second half of this episode just sort of meanders about, if I did not know any better I would of said that this show suddenly decided that it wanted to be a slice of life comedy for the last 15 minutes.        (It’s a very out of place filler section that really does not match the feel of the show)

Final thoughts:  *this show just looks so sparkly*

Devils and Realist ending (reaction)


How long does Lucifer sleep?                                                                                                              I was asking this question since the first episode.                                                                                    Is he in a deep sleep or dose he randomly wake up?                                                                          If that’s the case would you really want to be elected leader?

*This angle  is so strong he had to be “imprison” in hell*

Well we finally get to see the mighty power of Solomon……was not expecting much.

The highlight of this episode has to be the amount of times they destroy the same group of demons.        (I have never come across recycled footage being used this poorly)

In the end this show created more question than answers.                                                                   In a way I would like a season two, just so that all of the loose ends can be tied; on the other hand this show heavily annoyed me to the point that I don’t think it deserves a second season.

Kinmoza! ending (reaction)


This show ended a little oddly???  If you are doing a high school anime comedy you would usually end it on the final/end of the year however, this show decides to end it at the beginning of the second year????  Just……WHY??????

We just went from a christmas episode to new school year; there was no need for so many months to be passed by. (Was it really that important to have them as second years before the end?) 

Even more confusing is that the final episode ends halfway and then backtracks……..WHY?

So we stated on a deceiving first episode and ended on a confusing last episode.                                  *unity has been brought back to the universe*

Quick review: Teekyu


Nothing can be said about this show, for it does not care if you can understand it, it does not care if it has a plot, for this show is 100% pure insanity.

Each episode is tightly packed into 2 minutes thanks to super speedy dialog and an opening that could probably be a good contender for shortest opening this year.

I think the show is supposed to be about a tennis team however, they don’t really plat tennis or even obey the laws of reality most of the time.

At 2 minutes per episode there isn’t really anything stopping you from taking a look at the ultimate madness that is Teekyu.

Final thoughts: *Don’t blink or you will miss an episode *

Review: Dog & Scissors


This anime is about a boy who get’s killed and turned into a dog.                                                          In order for him to rest in peace he needs to read the final book in his favorite author’s deadly sin collection called Lust.                                                                                                                          Will he get his little paws on the book or will fate play a paw in making his life just as entertaining in reality as the stories he  reads.


That took me way too long to explain and do you know what’s worse, the show rarely acknowledges its own premise.

The actual plot of this show is about an author who likes to torture this little dog by cutting his fur with a pair of sharp scissors…… and somehow it all comes back to books??????

The book aspect of this show feels very shoehorned most of the time.

e.g.                                                                                                                                                   1. There is a criminal on the killing people, he must be reading my books                                                      2. I will destroy you, for my books are best                                                                                             3. It’s the dog that buys books

The entire book aspect is just a cover so that they can sneak casual viewers into watching a show filled with fan-survive for sadomasochist.


This show does try to create a story for itself however, it fails because the adventures they go on don’t connect to a main character. There is no investment, there is no risk and the worse thing of all is that none of the tails they came up with connect with the ending what so ever.

The ending of this show did not surprise me in the slightest; in fact I was expecting them to do that because there would have been no other way of connecting the beginning and the ending. *The true premise of the show is the book Lust after all.*

There are many interesting characters in this show who would most likely be very entertaining to learn about who they are however, the show never really gives is huge cast of colourful characters any chance to show/tell us who they are, their motivations or even tell us what kind of stories they like to write.


I actual believe that this show could have been improved if they completely ditched the comedy aspect and concentrated on the characters lust for each other.  It would help tie the beginning too the end more and it would allow the writers to have a lot more fun with the sadomasochist fan-service.

The only reason this anime has comedy is so that it can be marketed toward teen, but if you sit back and actually say out loud what is happening in this show you might see that the contents doesn’t lend itself well to teen programming.

Lust is about a woman who has sexual desires for a dog.                                                                       They could have explored the lust aspect much more if this was rated for a mature audience.


In conclusion, the show was not really boring but at the same time it wasn’t really satisfying. If the anime had more focus on what it was about then maybe it could have actually achieved some kind of level of enjoyment.

Final thoughts: *Can’t believe I guessed the ending to this show; even before we reached the halfway point I knew what was going to happen.*


I give this show 5/10

There’s nothing really bad about this show however, there is not really anything good about this show.  *It’s just meh.*

Sword art online 1-3 (anime log)

Finally I have been able to watch this popular anime, will I enjoy it……… sort of.


Ep1: I love the setting of this world, it just pulls you in and makes you shout “adventure” as you kick up dirt on your long adventure up the many floors.

I found myself asking a lot of questions when they brought up the trapped in the game aspect.

1.I don’t think microwaves can instantly kill you                                                                                 2. Run Kazuto, that guy is clearly a creeper                                                                                 3.How can a helmet tell how tall they are


Ep2: I can see that this show really loves to time skip. I would not have a problem with this if it was not so early in the game. (I would have loved to know how people adjusted to the idea of being trapped)                                                  *“Screw my family, I have a game to play”*

My question for this episode:

1.Why does that guy have blue hair?                                                                                                            2.How are the players surviving? (They don’t really eat or go to the bathroom)                                        3. How dose hp work in this world? (Azuna clearly has a larger health bar then Kazuto)


Ep3: Make up your minds with the heath bars, will they get longer, do they spiral or do they stay short like Pokémon hp.  *I like consistency*

Keiko is 13 year old…… rubbish

She looks 10, she acts 10 and in my mind she is 10.

She must have the most unreasonable parents in the world; they would have had to buy her the game.  *”just let your young child play an online game that you can’t supervise”*

In episode 1 they said that “they don’t use magic in this game” it’s all about your skills with weaponry/general skills.

*I do wonder what this show defines as magic*

I’m going to guess that anyone with bright hair is going to die in this show.

(They are basically red shirts)