Day Break Illusion (Impression )


This is a show about young girls who can transform thanks to their Tarot cards.
*love it when I can explain a show in one line*

This anime is trying so hard for you to take its story so seriously but it falls flat on its face; do you why this happened?

Because the anime thinks it can evenly split its time between cute innocent moe girls and the dramatic deaths of peoples love one who have been turned into daemonia.

Sorry but I don’t believe that the brain of a 12 year old could deal with the emotional stress past/present of having to kill a love one in a singular episode.

*They should all have post traumatic stress disorder by this point*

Some people might want to argue this accusation with:“Akari is sad about the murder in episode 1”
In first couple of episodes she was sad however, a couple of episodes latter she a back to her happy self playing with her friends.
(Only brings it up when the plot calls for it.)

Don’t get me started on the preachiness of each episode telling us how killing is bad, it’s not their fault that there psychopathic killers and we should save people who are clearly in pain.

Finally this anime had to have a filler bonding episode with the girls just so that it could raise tension for its bomb shell; if you spent more time of your characters interactions and less on individual stories then we would not have this problem.

*this anime just feels so fake*


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