Devils and Realist ending (reaction)


How long does Lucifer sleep?                                                                                                              I was asking this question since the first episode.                                                                                    Is he in a deep sleep or dose he randomly wake up?                                                                          If that’s the case would you really want to be elected leader?

*This angle  is so strong he had to be “imprison” in hell*

Well we finally get to see the mighty power of Solomon……was not expecting much.

The highlight of this episode has to be the amount of times they destroy the same group of demons.        (I have never come across recycled footage being used this poorly)

In the end this show created more question than answers.                                                                   In a way I would like a season two, just so that all of the loose ends can be tied; on the other hand this show heavily annoyed me to the point that I don’t think it deserves a second season.


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