Fate/kaleid liner prisma ilya ending (reaction)


First of all there is going to be a season 2. *woop woop*

The first half of this episode is exactly what we all wanted, kick-but action which surrounds you in amazing animation and finally closing up with a powerful finishing move.

I still find the reason the two girls fell out to be very forced and slightly confusing; There were times during this episode that I don’t even think the characters really understood why they fallout.                  (It just felt like a pointless excuse to cause conflict)

The second half of this episode just sort of meanders about, if I did not know any better I would of said that this show suddenly decided that it wanted to be a slice of life comedy for the last 15 minutes.        (It’s a very out of place filler section that really does not match the feel of the show)

Final thoughts:  *this show just looks so sparkly*


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