Day break illusion v Madoka

First of all I’m not a fan of ether show however, I can appreciate the mechanic of each show.

Main plot

Day break illusion: Could you be a magical girl and live with the knowledge that you murder people.

Madoka:  Homura wants to save Madoka from her own fate.  (You only need to watch ep10-12 to understand the plot)

Madoka as a character isn’t very endearing, so I’m giving this point to Day break illusion because it’s the only reason anyone can stomach this show.

Day break illusion: 1/1

Madoka:  0/1

Sub plot

Day break illusion: hello show, can I ask how old is your audience?  *looks on mal* oh 17+ you say, can I ask one more question: WHY ARE YOU SPOON FEEDING US?

Your audience has the patience to watch characters develop; we don’t need just 1 episode dedicated to explaining who they are.

 Madoka: Sayaka steals the show, if wasn’t for her interactions with Mami and Kyoko I would not be able to stomach this anime.

It’s a clear point for madoka.

Day break illusion: 1/1

Madoka:  1/1

Character Designs

Day break illusion:  milky holmes + space cake = Day break illusion                                                     *truly a repulsive combination *

Madoka: ahhhh baby face.

Originally I was really repulsed by madoka’s designs; why would I want to watch young girls who are designed very moe get murdered, tortured and emotional damaged. I still find it unnerving to see characters this young go through this much pain.

On the flipside I don’t like Day break illusion for similar reasons however, with Madoka the characters comprehend/ reflect on their saturation like teens. *for the most part*                                                    If Day break illusion wants to be taken seriously then it needs characters that can respond to depressing saturation’s in a realistic manner. (A group of cute moe friends will not work in this saturation.)

I will have to give Madoka the point. *they might look young but they don’t straight up look like young children.*


No point comparing these two. (Madoka is known for its sound track)
Day break illusion: I can sort of remember the opening theme.

Day break illusion: 1/4

Madoka:  3/4

final thoughts:

I have just shown you all of this information explaining why I think madoka is structurally better however, that is not an excuse to believe that you are smarter than Day break illusion fan.

The madoka fan are starting to turn into the sailor moon fan, they believe that their anime is the only good magical girl show and if you like anything ells you are an inferior fan.

You have the right to watch any magical girl show of your choosing; no one has the right to dictate what anime you should/shouldn’t be watching.


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