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My thoughts on Skyrim



Diabolik Lovers (first impression)


For an anime that is only 13 minutes long it has managed to explain the heroin’s saturation, part of her backstory and kind of introduce all of the male characters.

The animation adds to the old feel of the house, making you feel that these boys have been here for a very long time.

(seeing as they are all vampires, that is probably not a bad presumption)

I can’t fault this episode for not giving me lode of character information; I’m amazed that this show has managed to set its foundation so fast without having the time to settle us in.

*I have seen 30 minute episode that fail at this *

I don’t usually talk about short anime however, in this case I will make an exception.

*it’s rare to see a short anime with a developing story *

Dog & Scissors ending (reaction)



The show didn’t manage to get from start to end…. In fact the show did not tie up loose ends….. In fact the show gave me nothing.

If this show was more of a Moe comedy then I could understand the ending they went for.

This show actual had many over the top characters that needed to have a little explanation for their motives or even THEIR BOOKS!

At least it stayed consistent from beginning to end.

*after ending credits*

Called it! ^-^

This anime falls nicely into my bin of tagged-on endings.

Anime I want to watch

spice and wolf

Apparently this anime is a sweet love story that blends  money  exchange and legend into a well balanced story.

*The manga left me confused about what was in the anime because as far as I could see  the show was about a fox girl who likes to get naked.. Oh and there is something about money going on *


angel beats 

What can I say, the animation looks really cool.

Ok that’s not the only reason; I just happen to know from a friend that this show has an interesting story that is worth watching.


Squid Girl 

This anime heavily reminds me of st frog blended with a short comedy.

*They make good long term shows*


Rosario & Vampire 

My brother wants to watch it, DB wants to watch it, so in the end i will have to watch it and find out why they want to see this show.


clannad after story

Finally I can please the clannad fans.

XD Apparently after I watch the 2nd season, I will cry to the dango song.

anime diary 16/09/13

Bamboo blade

^-^ We finally finished bamboo blade; it took us 2 years to complete this show.    (Dinner anime)                                                                                                                                                                 We kept on putting it off because baka and test was just so much more entertaining than to happy friendship of bamboo blade.

We also kept delaying it because this show suffers with bad mood whiplash; it created a bad dissonance that really put us off watching the ending.


XD glared I watch anime with DB, I would never of spotted how lazy the animation gets in the last couple of episodes.

*Odd animation frames flash on screen* DB: “Did you just see that” me:”I just thought I blinked funny” DB: “At least I’m not crazy”

DB: “Quick rewind” *goes back* DB: “Kirino just teleports out of shot”



*Think this is in ep8*

DB:”If you look under Ringo’s sisters diary, you can see a death note”

O-o  That’s so cool.

out for the weekend

back Monday


last stretch (2 ep left)

^_^ I hate it when we reach this mark; all you really want to do is watch the last 2episode in a row.

I will have to fix this limited posting problem by next season or I’m going to run out of things to talk about very fast.

New post idea’s for next season:

First impressions ep1, midway and then the end

(I will try and keep them spoiler free)

Episode diary

(this will consist of anime’s I watch with other people)

Manga review

Episode comments

(will be located in anime I’m watching)

*will occasionally post them*


These next 2 weeks are going to be difficult  for me.

Devils and Realist (impression)


I have been delaying this impression for a while now and if you have read my little rant you might have a good idea why.

Since the first episode I knew that show was going to irritate me; if you are not familiar with your RE/general knowledge then you will probably not pick up on the stupidity that this show comes out with.

The two things that I have learned from this show:

Lucifer talk in his sleep and god has a drinking problem; how ells can you explain the vial behaviour of his angles.

This show did manage to confuse me because they talk about archangels like there seraphs; it’s an easy mistake when the show constantly shows you high ranked demons.

There was not one episode where i was not hitting myself over the head going “what the heck is going on” I did try hard to understand how they were trying to interpret it, but no matter what path I tried to link it to this show would quickly dismiss it.

The best way I can explain this show is to say that it just a huge mixing bowl with people constantly adding new ingredients and seeing what happens.

Gatchaman Crowds (impression)


I don’t really know what to make of this show; sure it has some kick butt battles and a mysteries leader however, it also has an annoying loud mouth girl.

This girl seems to pull every answer out of nowhere making her abnormally smart; even at first view she is a hyperactive, selfish brat who could save the world by herself.

This girl is so over powered and dominating that I do not care about what the other characters are doing for they are most likely not going to have any impact on the plot.

I’m actually very interested to find out more about the bad guys in this show for their intentions seem to border on helping man kind to world domination.                                                                               Either way I need find out how the show ends; just got to hope that are main character dose not suddenly become amazingly smart and perform a move that will even leave the audience stumped.

It’s my birthday

^_o Hence why there was no post today.

*I just wanted to distract myself from everything today.*