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Chronicles of the going home club ending (reaction)


What is there to say about this show? It was just a collection of short gags that would occasionally make you laugh.

I did like the fact that the show acknowledges the fact it did not have an ending and instead tried its hardest to get as many jokes into one episode as possible.

If you dropped this show early on don’t worry you did not miss anything (part from the catchy opening).

This show ended as it began, a quick collection of strange skits.

Kyousougiga (First impression)

Capture 1What the heck did I just watch????

This show pummels you with complex animation sequences; it never take a second to sit back and tell us what the heck is going on.

I’m guessing they are gods of some kind and they use magic that ends up looking like a computer game ( they do show some game like imagery/words).

This anime feels like it was made just because the animation company wanted to test out some new experiments however, they did not want to waste money so they made it into an anime.

Silver spoon ending (reaction)


I’m so happy that the pig did not go to waste at the end.

I really enjoyed watching the journey of our main protagonist trying to find true calling in such an unfamiliar place.

You even see him even considering if it even right to kill/eat an animal however, he discovers he loves meat too much.

At the end of the day that pig was born to be pork and the only good thing that he can do for it is make sure it does not go all to waste.

I really hope that more show like this show up in the future.

Sword art online 8-9 (anime log)

Episode 8-9


“I’m a lone player”

Er…no you’re not; did you forget that you technically joined Asuna as a team very early in the show.


“You’re a beta player, let’s fight”

You just said he was a beta tester, don’t the rumors about them state that they are very strong.


“We are not fighting bosses today”  “oh look, the boss door”

After all of them bosses they had to fight in the past you would think they know not to go after bosses by yourself.


*no one knows where the doors are located so I can understand how a dungeon dive could lead you too it*

I was wondering what he was going to do with that sword.

So everyone is interested in how to use two swords yet, no one is interested in making food taste more natural?????  It just feels like that information is just as important.

Review: Free!


This anime is about a bunch of muscular men who love swimming…..… well at least it’s not a moe feast.

The actual premise of the show is very bare and the only reason this show can even support itself is because the characters are well fleshed out. *In more ways than one.*

This particular anime created a lot controversy between mostly male anime fan’s; some believed that the female anime fans are so small that it would be a waste of money creating anime for them and the other male fans (mostly male) believed that the male depiction of these characters made a woman’s standards for the perfect man too high (that and the men look too sexy).

  1. Female orientated anime has been around for years, we just don’t get as many coming out each season because it’s easier to draw dig boobs then it is to write a character sexual appeal.  *takes more than just the just the body to arouse…….unless you’re a  horny teen/ into necrophilia*
  2. Are you trying to compare a woman who will starve and get fake implants to exercising at the gym; characters in this anime are swimmers, there going to be muscly.


This anime was not designed to be manly however, this show dose manage to balance out the gorges shot/poses with characters that you want to see succeed, you want to know more about them and most of all you want to find their own little piece of happiness.

The animation really knows how to bring the water alive; for a show that likes its characters to be one with that water it really knows how to give the liquid its own soul, when they are swimming you feel/see every splash and you even get a good idea how much power these lads must be using in order to swim that fast.


One of the downsides to this show is there is no particular musical score that went beside it, sure we had the catchy opening but part from that I really can’t recall any music from this show.

*it’s good that it did not get over used however, it’s bad because I didn’t acknowledged it. *

I guess the only other downside I can see is that this show might moved kyoani from making moe shows into sexy men shows. Don’t get me wrong I do like female fan-service shows however, I’m getting annoyed at kyoani because lately they have been sticking to one type of genera way too often. *I just want to see more verity from them*


In conclusion, just because you’re a guy does not mean you are banned from watching this, come and enjoy the stunning animation and most remember use females have to put up with over the top fan-service in your shows.

Final thoughts: *water has never looked so beautiful.*


I give this show 7/10

Unless you really think it’s wrong for guy to be close friends then you will have no problem with this show.

gone for Friday and Saturday

I will be back on Sunday ^_^ 

My mental choices are completely interfering…. (First impression)


“My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy”

*Man, that is one long name*

I understand what they getting at when they say that life is full of choices however, this show dose not listen to its own premise very well; we spend more than a  ¼ of the anime just explain how choices affect life  just for you to  just give us a boy how has to make dirty choices or he will get a headaches.

So much more could have come from this idea, but you use it as an excuse for excessive fan-service.

I guess this could be a good torture fest if the questions become much more risky to his life as well as what girls think of him.  *hope this show dose not push its boundaries with the fan-service*

Sword art online 5-7 (anime log)

O-o I most of accidentally missed an episode (my ep 3 is apparently ep 4.)

Watched 5, 6 and 7.


Episode 5-6

I have learned that if a character in the background has bright hair it’s most likely that they are somehow connected to the problem. *the skittle haired people are just as rare as girls in this game.*

In order for Asuna’s dress to hang like that she has to have a very wide ass crack. *fan-service shot*   

O-o  it’s kind of like the chairs in the cafe; they must be sitting on the very edges of the chair in order for their backs to be so straight and still not touch the back of the chair.

You’re standing with your back to an open window….. I wonder what’s going to happen?????


 I wish this episode was about the capabilities of the npc. (Don’t you think that would get player to consider everyone’s life)

Why does this game even need npc if the players can make their own shops? 


Episode 7

I guess she must join him seeing as she is in the opening…….. Nothing….ok anime i will just add her to my little book of girls who like Kazuto.                                                                                            *His name is made up of kanji and katakana, most first name are in hiragana.*

 His last name is 和人 LOL XD, his last name is Japanese person.  

I feel sorry for the dragon that had to poop that out.

She is falling, teleport….teleport……just teleport “isn’t the view great” yes, oh TELEPORT!

*i do wonder why he brought her to begin with.*

dropping Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and keiji

I shall miss you manly men who laugh at manly things however, I worry that you going to over stay your welcome very fast.

*I might come back when the official episode number is released*

I was all set for this show to end on 13/14 episodes, so to see it going on to 17 episode really disheartens me.

If only you had ended with the other shows my manly eccentrics.

Watamote ending (reaction)


This is an odd show, one moment I empathizes with this characters and other time I just want to slap her. Her behavior fluctuates from being endearing to being an argent, cringe worthy jerk that cares more about looking cool then acknowledging  what she already has.

She kind of gets a friend in the final episode however, I don’t think she will keep her long for her natural repulsion to anything she already has. *your just a prize to her*

Just think back to that painful episode in which her relative comes round. *her image is everything*

I found myself having a hard time competing a lot of those episodes because are protagonist got so eyes wateringly bad that you could not believe(even relate)  with the horrible actions she was doing/wanting. *The episode with the train made me want to drop this.*

O-o it’s hard to pin down if I liked or disliked this show.