Fantasista doll ending (reaction)

fdI’m not sure what happened, did the show just want to create an ending just so it could end.  I’m sorry but outside of the opening I don’t really remember this final character; maybe she has turned up in the past however, she had such little impact on the show that I just blocked it away into the deepest recesses of my brain.

The show just plays out as your stereotypical magical girl fare, not much has been innovated outside of more friend makes the magic of friendship extra fun.

I feel sorry for this show because if it wasn’t for practical naked (for a doll) shots this anime would make the perfect kids show, instead they target this anime at honey young adults who just want to fantasies. *it’s such a waste*

O-O I guess you don’t really need a deep story if your audience is just going to adapt it into there own twisted fantasies

The ending felt a little forced however, compared to other ending It managed to keep the mood of the show consistent.  *no sad ending just because everyone ells is doing it. *


p.s. i know who the girl in the final match is, my complaint is more directed at the characters reveal.

Protagonist: I can’t believe it’s you.

Me: who the heck is she?


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