Sword art online 18-19 (anime log)

Episode 18

First things first…. SENTIENT STEAM! I do not care about what they are capable of in the game world, you can’t just move steam in order to cover someone in the bathroom (cutting away would of made a lot  more sense than just moving steam to cover her bottom).

*it’s a poorly placed censor bar.*


Oh, did any one catch kirito doing the pelvic thrust?

Just like the last episode nothing really happens to kirito and Suguha (just more undertones of insest).

Why does Suguha have I huge poster of her avatar over her bed?

*it’s very vain when you think about it.*

We got to see more of Asuna in a very uncomfortable scene with butterfly-man (let me guess, this show is never going to address what he is doing to her?).


episode 19

O-0 what  happen in this episode?

Kirito is rich, he can transform and……er…. Oh yeh, Suguha’s friend was captured.

Can Suguha stop drooling over her brother/cousin and realize that this Shinchi is interested in her.

Another episode where nothing happened (The undertones are bad however, part from that this anime is just boring).

*I knew what happens to Asuna before watching the anime*


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