Humanity Has Declined ending (reaction)


I’m really going to miss them creepy fairies and the show bazar way this show presents its arks.
*you get used to it……eventually.*
This anime is not an average insane  comedy, nor is it packet with romance; it’s just a anime that shows what would happen if randomness could make our lives much more fun.

It gets most of its humour by playing over the top insanity completely strait. It has been so long since I have seen comedy anime that does not revolve around quick gags that don’t even hit the mark half of the time (being aware of your bad gags does not make it funny).

The odd thing about this anime is that you will find yourself wanting to watch more episode just to see what these fairy are capable of and will are protagonist learn to keep them under control.

All I can say is:



Bring on the candy, bring on the fun, let there be fairies all day long



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