Non Non Biyori midway impression


This series is just so hart warming, it embodies what the standard slice of life anime should be achieving.   Sure each of the characters has their mad moments but, there understandably mad (the kind of mad all teenagers do).

*there ages are a little wired (11-14) i would call them mostly preteen*

This anime’s humour is pretty much hit or miss.  Like most slice of life anime’s it has moments that completely stop the flow of the show just to have one joke (the best kind of jokes are the ones that feel natural).   *most of the jokes work.*

I find there are moments when the characters don’t really blend well with background, this could of been easily avoided if the characters had a little more shadow in wider scene (It’s a lot more noticeable from a distance).

I have one little complaint about this show, whenever there is a scene near the wood the cicada seem to overpower anything in a 2 mile radius.  I can understand that it’s cool to have the sound  of cicada coming from different speakers however, I watch anime for the characters not the ambience.


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