Sword art online 20- 21(anime log)

Episode 20

^_^* I had to rewatch the episode in order to jog my memory.*

This episode consisted of fighting, girls and BOOOOOOOOOBS!
This has to be the most fan-service ridden episode that sao has to offer.

e.g. when kirito steals Suguha’s weapon her ass grows bigger.

Boobs seem to jiggle with the slightest twitch (I’m talking about super sensitive jingly boobs). 

Episode 20 of sao: winner of the pointless fan service award

Episode 21

Hallelujah are characters found the plot.   *I’ll go get the champagne.*

We finally get some screen time with Asuna (trying to break free).  My only problem with her scenes are that they are very sexualized, not in the senses of her being sexy but in the sense of the writers wanting her to be questionable saturation.  *you can’t look at the scene with the slugs and not say tentacle abuse.*

Why do people always press buttons really slowly?

Back to Kirito and Suguha

Suguha has finally realized that kirito’s heart belongs to Asuna…. TOOK YOU TOO LONG!


Guess I should be thankful that the incest subplot is finally gone.



One response

  1. I finished watching this series earlier today. I enjoyed it although I was sad to see Asuna relegated to damsel in distress in season two (that gets abused by the bad guys.)

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