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Infinite Stratos 2 (first impression)


This has to be one of the worse shows the fall season has to offer.

I like how lead male is actual dense and not just being beaten up just because the girls are insecure about themselves.

This shows plot seems to be all over the place in this episode; is it about a bunch of girls who have a crush on the same guy, is it about 2 lesbian lover who can’t confess there love (we do spend most of the episode with them) or is it about a bunch lasses who fight in skimpy battle armour.

So we are going to base this episode around going to a festival…..that we are just going to montage (it’s mostly an excuse to make a bunch of innuendos).

p.s. Is this based on a game? I’m only wondering because i don’t understand why the title ends with a 2.


Mews pokedex entry

A POKéMON of South America that was thought to have been extinct. It is very intelligent and learns any move.

ImageThis is a real pokedex entry from fire red.

*It’s so oddly specific.*

Is fire red just set in the are world?

They just seem to do a lot of real world comparisons in their pokedex entry’s.


Diabolik Lovers midway impression


Am I the only who enjoys this anime? 

I come across these stupid female leads in many shojo manga. They usually put them sleeves in easily avoidable danger and fall in love with demon’s, vampire’s and other mythical creatures. 

I know this might sound a little sadistic however, I actual enjoy watching this stupid girl get attacked by these guys. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the violence that I enjoy but the fact that she never seems to remember that they are violent vampires.

*You would think after the many times they have hurt her she might learn not to trust them.*

I will be very disgusted if they even attempt a romance with this show (she must have stockholm syndrome in order to fall in love with these guys). 


What happens when you put the protagonist from Amnesia into a house with vampires?

Answer:  You get Diabolik Lovers. 

Walkure Romanze midway impression


Where the heck is this anime set! I say this because at first you think there in japan (easily presumed) and then you think there in medieval England however, you find yourself randomly in Italy and finally a setting that could only be described as Finland (when it think of windmills the first thing that comes to mind is Finland).

*you could probably defend the windmills/flowers however, you can’t defend the Italian architecture/canals. *


The episodes themselves have not really been that memorable; I have had moments where it feels like I have not seen this show for month but, when you look at your episode count you find out that it has only been a week.

I don’t want to seem to mean to this show because I actually do its simple layout and the fact that it does not storm you with wave after wave of fan-service.


My only big problem with this show is that Fiona is really annoying (Her soul purpose in life is just to call Mizuno a pervert).

Accidently meet in the street: pervert

Training for a match: pervert

In his own home: pervert

I have never come across a character that is so annoying and unnecessary.

p.s.  Never doubt the power of squirrels.

Sword art online 16-17 (anime log)

episode 16

She eat the hall muffin. O_o

This ark really likes to make you uncomfortable with the romances aspect; “can i sleep with you daddy” o-o she was blushing and had a sparkle in her eyes when she said that.


Because i got high,  because i got high, because i got higggghh!


episode 17

Leafa: “We can’t go there”

kirito: “But it’s closer”

Leafa: “OK new player who dose not know better”

There seems to be a big problem with the effs ears (They are constantly changing size,position and even length). I know that this show has had many problems with logical proportions but this is just getting silly (hope they get the hang of it soon).

I thought that “Japaneses person” was kirito’s last name according to mal? *compares the two*

桐ヶ谷 直葉

桐ヶ谷 和人

Ok… how do you get kirito from 和人.

わじん:  wa-ji-n

わひと:  wa-hi-to  :you (nuance of either deep affection or contempt)

^_o That’s got to be the meaning (must be one of them names that changes the sound of the first Hiragana).

I’m sorry for my meandering but, nothing really happened in this episode.

Why I avoid shaft (anime)

I don’t dislike early shaft production however, recently they have been creating anime with too much flashing images, plot dump and fan-service that I honestly find there new shows impossible to watch.

I watched 1 episode of Monogatari and it made me feel sick, disorientated and with the nice added touch of eye strain.

Monogatari episode 3 thoughts: O_0 I think it had something to do with mayonnaise and boobs.

*There is so much flashing imagery that you can’t even read the subtitles. *


There is enough visual information in there shows that you don’t really need to have the characters talking (We can see there in pain you don’t have to give us a 10 page essay about how there feeling emotions and why).

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, shaft! If you are going to go all out on the music and the animation don’t put voices in your anime; all it’s doing is making your shows feel a lot more forced and overly simulating.

*I honestly can’t concentrate when an anime has too much going.*

XD p.s. even my mate can point out a shaft anime.

My guilty pleasure

The reason i have not been watching much anime is because i have been playing nothing but picross.

Today  i had finally beaten it until…

“wow picross 3”

o-O This game has distracting me more then Pokemon.

picross, picross 2 and picross 3 (I’m picross mad).

new page on my blog

I have created a page that will list many different types of anime that might interest you.

The animes that I have reviewed will have a link embedded into their names; in addition you will also be able to click onto my past impressions.


my rating system 

Green: kept my entertained  and wanting more 

Amber: very boring 

Red: it’s very bad yet, you keep coming back. 

**: plan to watch 

p.s. still under construction.

Beelzebub impression


Today I thought that you guy might want to learn about a type of anime that I call mission anime.

*In order to classify as a mission anime it must have over 30 episodes*

I call these kinds of shows mission anime’s because before watching them you almost have to make a pledge of dedication (unlike other animes, you can’t marathon all of the episodes in one sitting).

Oh sorry, got a little side tracked there. ^_^

I have just reached the halfway mark and decided to share one of my favourite mission anime with you.


This anime is about a demon baby that has been sent to destroy the world however, in order for him to be safe he needs the protection of a strong evil delinquent. Whoever becomes this baby’s’ guardian will be given the power of a demon but, if the host with the power stays or uses it to much he will turn into an uncontrollable demon of destruction. Poor Tatsumi Oga has to find a strong powerful delinquent that he can dump the baby on and finally be free.


*that’s got to be one of the longest synopsis I have ever done for this blog.*

I can’t really describe what is currently happening in the show (ep30/60 a couple of arks have past), I can tell that this show has a unique sense of humour by having most of the jokes surrounded by destruction or pure violence.

Ok I realize that does not sound funny but, you need to realize that Tatsumi Oga is purposely trying to get into fight, which gives him a reputation, which gets him follower that eventually join are  roster of characters  (each hooligan has his/her own personality).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really enjoy this show and I will be sad when I finally finish it.

P.s. The baby is naked in this anime.  *after a while you won’t even think twice about it.*

Golden time 25% impression


Kouko has been very amusing throughout this show so far, her mad obsessive attachment to others creates a lot more laughs then eye cringing moments.

I understood from the start that there was no way that this show was going to able to carry itself on just Kouko’s attachment to Mitsuo however, I was definitely was not expecting this sudden amnesia plot from Banri.

It came out of know where and it became important way too fast.

How it became a conflict: *Kouko is drunk*   Banri:”I don’t want to be your friend”

*it just sort of happened*

His entire personality has changed in one episode (it’s a big plot change seeing as we have now just hit the halfway mark).