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Happy new year


^_^ My New Year resolution:

  1. Get back into illustrating
  2. Get back into reading manga
  3. Complete my first story
  4.  Get a job that earns more money
  5. Move out of the house
  6. Buy a table

Rurouni Kenshin (First impression)


You will put her down slowly, you will.

This anime seems to have been dubbed during the literal translation era, it was.                                   *I honestly will nether grow tiered of that, I won’t.*

I prefer to watch dubs of old anime because unfortunately subtitles have a habit of getting very blurred as the show gets lower in quality (It’s hard to appreciate an anime when you can’t read the subtitles).

You have to love how she is just going down the street calling random samurai killers, you would think more people would have a vendetta against her.  “Don’t go to that dojo, the crazy lady lives there.”

This anime has a very old charm that keeps it from falling into the bucket of outdated mush.

*It’s my first time watching this.*

Galilei Donna ending (reaction)


Errrr…..that was an interesting way to end an anime.

I believe that this anime would have been a lot better off if they focused more on finding the sketches (wasn’t that one of the reasons why there flying around).
You can tell that the people writing this had too many ideas (could  be there first time writing an original anime) because they forgot to actually make us care about their mission. There were so many side stories going on in this anime that I honestly forgot why they were collecting the drawings in the first place.

I would not call this anime good but, I will call it fascinating thanks to the many different concepts this show try’s (but false) to play with.

^_^ I could watch episode 5 by itself over and over again.

Present: Elfen lied

ImageOn the first day on Christmas my true love gave to me: a copy of Elfen lied.

*Can you think of anything more romantic then people being torn apart by Invisible arms? *

winter 2014 anime

My computer doesn’t want to consistently connect to the internet today. *Hope nothing is wrong with her.*

TT-TT I feel a little sad after looking at the winter 2014 anime list, there seems to be a lack of random comedy anime. *it’s nice to sit back and watch mindless nonsense. *

streaming on Cruchyroll:

Recently, My Sister is Unusual
Saki season 2

Hopefully this season will get me back into watching episodes during the week (my watch list will become useful again).  *I was really not that interested in any of the shows airing this season (Autumn).*

what I received on Christmas day 2013

^_^ I wish to post this so that I can look back on 2013 and remember the nice things that I received from my family and friend.


1,227 qi facts

1,339 qi facts

Lindt gold reindeer barn (chocolate)

Cadburys (chocolate)

Thorntons fantastic milk favourites (chocolate)

Ducd’o (chocolate)

chocolate cupcake

Hart decoration covered in buttons and bells

Mr tea

conundrums and puzzles

how to draw manga *T_T I collect them*

Art forms in nature

The logo bored game

Elfen lied


^_^ My biggest gift of this year was hearing people say thanks for thinking about them.  

merry christmas

merry christmas

merry Christmas from

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering…..ending (reaction)


This anime doesn’t really have an ending (I find that’s the case with a lot a harem shows) but, it does try and bring itself full circle by reciting what was said at the start of episode 1.

*There is no need to have a forced moral in a show like this.*

Mr sentient steam really loves this anime because he was allowed to escape the confines of the bathroom and censer thing he could only dream about.

*I found a reason to remember this anime (I solute you sentient steam).*

There is not much too this anime outside of wacky comedy, it’s why I’m having a hard time trying to round up my thought in this one post. *if you like the randomness of “baka and test” you will like this anime.*

My favourite anime of 2013


Out of every anime that I have seen in 2013, this is the only one that I would gladly watch over and over again.

*I would even buy it on DVD without a dub track.*

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering…..midway impression

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy

The shiny red marks that sometimes appear the girl’s bodies look like sore blisters. *just wanted to get that out of the way.*

I was really worried about where this anime was going to take the question aspect (they could have easily abused it to disgusting levels).  They seem to hit the right level of madness without making are main character seem too pitiful. E.g. The main character does have to do things against his will but, that does not mean that he would have been a saint if misfortune had never hit him.

*He is a boy with natural urges.*

I don’t really understand the mind set of Harem leads at times (at least the guy in school days took his chance when somebody offered).  *how can anime guys be so horny yet, so dense.*

I have seen many comedy anime and I’m not sure if this show will be able to leave its distinctive mark on my memory with just 4 episodes to go.  *I don’t usually remember harem shows for there comedy.*

It’s a funny show (just a shame that the characters are so forgettable).