Sword art online 24- 25(anime log)

Episode 24

I don’t know if this is just me but, this episode felt really rushed (they had plenty of episodes to work with).   I like Asuna however, in the second half of SAO she only exists just so the show can have a dramatic ending.

The true story/plot of Alfheim online is about Suguha’s insestural love for her cousin.                          *There close cousins…..that still classifies as insest.*

We gets a couple of shot of people in pain before getting the predictable kill of purvey butterfly man.  I understand that the first boss in SAO was meant to be hidden from sight (like a gaming god), so when you find out that he was playing the game with the other players you feel a little shocked

With Alfheim you knew from the start what the ending was going to be and I think the show was more then aware of this.  It felt like they had to place all of the eye cringing senses of Asuna being abused just so that there would be some form of animosity toward this guy (he honestly did nothing throughout this show).

I did not care about kirito in the second half because I knew he was going to win no matter what.

*Asuna has to live with the painful memories of this lazy second half.*

Episode 25

This is an episode with confusing morals/ questionable antics.

It shows that kirito is capable of real world violence.

Asuna takes longer to get used to moving her body (KIrito was doing Kendo when he existed the hospital).*My biggest complaint with episode 14 was that KIrito had a lot of strength for someone who has not moved for 2-3 years.*

I don’t understand why girls from the past  are still interested in him (it’s been months since he’s seen them).   *I can only view them as his personal stalkers. *

My biggest gripe with this last episode has to be the over romanticization of Kirito and Suguha’s relationship. We know that Kirito only loves Asuna which means that he is being a real jerk in this episode by hinting that there could be a spark between him and Suguha.

*There is being dense and then there is playing someone on.*

I loved the first half SAO…… just wish the second half didn’t exists.

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  1. I agree with what you said about Suguo or Oberon doing nothing through out Alfheim, well other than being a pervert / creepy person. And I also agree with you, in that the second half of SAO didn’t live up to expectations. In one way it was a “gentle” come down in comparison to the rather tense first half of the series, where everyone was dropping like flies.

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