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just 2 more days

I had 13-14 hours of sleep today (I feel a lot better for it).

T_T It has been so long since I have had to spend an entire day recuperating in bed.

XD Then I went down stairs and banged my teeth against the door (that door has a beef with me).


Sorry for the lack of anime post this week, hopefully next month will be a lot less hectic for me.

*No post Friday and Saturday*

T_T bad luck persist

Guess I must have overestimated my body’s energy levels today, soon as I got halfway into town my body gave up on me.

I had to call my friend and tell them to bring a drink (I should know better).

*I was running late and the cash machine only had £20, way too much for a single drink. * 

walked though the door to go upstairs: bangs head on front of the door and then bangs head on back of the wall (like a ping-pong ball).

 not long left in this month 

tomorrow will be an anime post…….I hope. 

still sick

U-U i’m going to the bathroom every 5 minutes

i’m falling asleep during anime episodes

and have not eaten properly today (i’m going to feel great in the morning).

^_^ At least the dentist liked my teeth.

*You know your ill when the dentist offers you a swig of lucozade.*



random nonsense

Imagewaiting, i’m waiting, just sitting here and waiting

 watching the bubbles go by

way up in the sky


Preparing myself for the dentist tomorrow.

*knowing my luck I’m going to have a huge bill waiting for me.*

^-^ I will try my best to finish off last seasons anime.

When will this month end???


I just can’t catch a break this month (so much bad luck).

Seeing as I have started all of the show (excluding Strange+ ) I might as well write down which anime do I believe to be the worst/best of this season so far.

best: Witch Craft Works

worst: Magical Warfare

^_^ I love shows that can get a strong emotional response out of me (good or bad it’s still a reaction).

There is nothing worse then being rated  meh. 

Magical Warfare (first impression)

ImageHalfway Magical Warfare reaction: That was the biggest load of bull I have ever had the misfortune of reading (There explanation for how magicians are crated is nothing more than pretentious drivel).

T_T*its entropy dammit.*

Continues episode: *starts bashing head against wall* this guy was not fazed when a gun was pointed against his head, why do you suddenly think magic is going to scare him.

HE HAD A GUN POINTED AT HIM.  How can you expect me to take this speech serious when you have already mess up your emotional reactions with in the first 10 minutes?  Hay anime, look up post-traumatic stress disorder because you clearly don’t understand how stressful it is to have a gun pointed at your head.

“Is that girl his girlfriend” there is a guy with a giant sowed in front of you…..RUUUUUUUUN!

17 minutes: can this anime go 1 minute without doing something ridiculously irritating.

I know that shinai are pretty strong but, I doubt that it would last very long against a really sharp sword.

18 minutes: O_o her magic did what?……what?…..I don’t even know what I’m watching anymore.

*good thing only 3 students came in early.*

^_^ now we can put being ok with murder on the list (these kids are not human).

Watch this show at your own risk. 

How I would describe Wizard Barristers

How I would describe Wizard Barristers

This keeps coming into my head every time I try and describe this show.
*Even my mother responded with that quote.*

Dog Days 2 midway impression

ImageI can finally see why fans of the show enjoy watching this (season 1 is codswallop compared to this).

*^_^ I love you dictionary *

By being much more open/frequent with its fan-service this show has managed to demolish the sickeningly cutesy innocence that forced me to question what age group they were going for.  I could easily sensor out a lot of the fan-service moments in season one and it would have been a perfect kids show however, with season 2 you can’t do that because a lot of the humour derives primarily from off colour jokes.

This season we have been introduced to a new kingdom (it’s nice to see this show expanding on its world). I always presumed there were other kingdoms because of the 3 worriers who don’t share ether of the cats/dogs animal traits yet are allowed to fight in the wars???? shouldn’t there be rule prohibiting this. oh here is something that bugged me,in episode 5 all of the warrior look like 6 year old children pretending to be secret agents(it really confused me).

*I just want one of them defeated squirrel warriors as a cushion (they are so cute). *

The squirrels attack from the sky and prefer to use magical attacks over fiscal, this allows Becky to join in the wars without worrying about her athletic ability.

Wizard Barristers (first impression)

ImageI came into this anime expecting action and came out with a bunch of people completing paperwork.  If you can’t tell I’m not that interested in the workings of the legal system especially when it’s being said to me by a 19 year old girl.

*I don’t know how age works in this show.*

This anime is about a wizard court that punishes people who abuses magic (think human crimes but on a bigger scale).


The second half of this anime shows us what kind of magic these barristers are actually capable of.  *It was a great excuse to show-off the fighting animation. *

No matter which way you look at it the show is slightly disbalanced : The legal side of the show isn’t really that engaging/the magic is way too over the top for the situation at hand.

My verdict is that this show needs to pick a particular direction and stick to it:


1.Try their hardiest to stop innocent wizards from being killed by the council (like a kick-ass phoenix wright).


2.go exploring around the city (like policemen) trying to capture the criminals with cool magical abilities.

*last time I checked the barrister doesn’t actually arrest the criminals*

Z/X IGNITION (first impression)


What’s the point in saying “the early 21st century” if you’re just going to set your anime in modern times. They make it  even more confusing by time skipping a couple of years forward and then jumping between different days of the month (just give me a date anime).

*”in 2014 something happened” that’s all you needed to say*

None of this matters because the anime doesn’t choose to expand on what it set up in the beginning (what was the point in telling us that????).


There are monsters that be controlled by phones…I think??

There is an evil organisation…. I think????

The monsters are attached to the strange explosions that happened all around the world……I think???


For a show that spends its opening explaining what going on, it really does not explain what is happening (I felt lost throughout the entire show).

I have very little faith in this show improving.

episode 2 

They explains what the explosions did (kind of ) and they have there ipad back.

*I continue to wonder what year this takes place in.*