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T_T in a bad mood

^_^ sorted out the events that created this post.

i thought it would be in my best interest to change it. 


The post was originally about a bad events at work. 

I had to go in on my day off and the Dyson exploded (which was awesome).

*its not even a year old.*

^_^The dyson sensed our pain.

TT_TT why???

Y_Y I had a full on war with my computer in order for me to watch silver spoon episode 6. (which was awesome) i scanned every file, scanned ever site (that i have been to) and even did ever update. i restarted my computer and got the video to play. I was over the moon and could not wait to write on my blog.

T_T……. *can’t link to*

*walks down stairs and turn on the second tower*

mother: “you look determined, whats wrong?”

me: Y_Y “sods law mother, sods law.”


“There is only one thing you can do at a time like this”

*^_^ A good cuppa can make everything better.*

T_T The ps4 makes me feel old

Think i’m going to indulge myself into some PlayStation music.

^_^ The original PlayStation will always have a place in my heart.

*good thing modern consoles don’t brake down as much as the original playstation.*

^_0 xbox one (uk price drop)  


$500 – £300

 Vat 20%- £60

 Correct priced £360

 £400 = £40 profit – $66

 £430 = £70 profit – $116

 the usa pays $500- uk pays $616

 New uk price $566

T-O why was it so high in the first place?

new price we pay 12% more the the usa 

old price we payed 23% more the the usa 

^_^ They have just made the price a lot more logical.

*math rants are awesome.*

DB review: Btooom! vol 2


Title: Btooom! vol 2

Publisher: Yen Press

Author: Junya Inoue

Rating: Mature

Any good action/adventure story will have a change in pace. Slower sections allow you to catch your breath and process what took place in the faster more action packed sequences. Done right and the pace changes allow you to immerse yourself in the story, engaging with the characters whilst enjoying the action they get involved in. Done poorly and there seems to be no real flow and it is difficult to understand the characters.

 Book 2 of Btoom! Starts by introducing us to new characters as is the norm for second books, and in this case they introduce to a personal favourite of mine. I do enjoy characters that are morally different from the norm as they create centres of unpredictability, as an example I cite the Joker as seen in the Dark Knight film. Here was a character that wasn’t able to be influenced in the ways that most people expect and Btoom introduces to a character that has that kind of feel about them.

 The next thing to remember with Btoom! is that it is a mature rated manga and this volume pulls no punches reminding us of that fact. Visually vivid and detailed, no punches are pulled it terms of it’s graphicness.

 On top of all this is the mystery aspect of the story which plays out the form a few short flash-backs and also gives a nice feeling that everything is being watched by some higher power.

 All in all Btoom! book 2 continues the story on nicely and does enough to make you want to keep reading. For me personally it ticks all the boxes and is thoroughly enjoyable. Sure it is possible to see where its influences come from but the combination is put together in way that you just don’t care. It keeps up the good work set down in book 1.

O_O what the heck is up with me????

I went to sleep at 5am … did a manage that????

Think i will save my thoughts for another day (when my head doesn’t hurt).

T_T *I need to find some motivation*


The 3ds can be very addicting

T_o I have been playing weapon shop none stop since it came out Thursday (think I have almost beat it). *I love a game that can keep me wanting more.*

The eshop really dose makes the 3ds worth buying.

*^_^a new game is usually less then £10*

You get most of your games from the eshop on the 3ds  (saves having to carry around hundred of boxes.)

O_O I do like to buy my bigger games from the shop (they take up too much memory) because to me they have more value in cartridge form.  *there is nothing more annoying then filling your shelf with 3rd party garbage (good for download, poor a fiscal game).*

beanies came ^_^


^_^ I finally have the entire collection (came in today).


*The little one is the normal sized ty pony.*


 Fluttershy: very long hair and papery wings

Rarity: sparkly horn and good detail on the eyes

Applejack: XD she is so cute! Beautiful blonde curly hair combined with the cutest expression in the world.  *she is my favourite*

Magical Warfare Episode 4 impression


*one moment the sky is black and the next its a practically sunny (stop messing with the mood).*

T_T First 3 minutes in and the show is already being stupid.

Why would she leave a map in her room, surly she would need it? If not, why would anyone ruin a perfectly good map? *I would just cross the names off a list.*

O_0 I thought the academy was in the ruined world? It would answer these questions: why is the sky blue? Why is the building ok? Why dose plant life flourish there? Why am I asking so many questions??? *my head hurts.*

I have to agree with Kurumi so this one; Takeshi you are a jerk, the reason your family hates you is understandable, now get you dumb head together and sort out your priorities.

Oh, so there are 3 different dimensions? Why???? O_O how can you have a world where just a school exists? Where would they end up if the exit the school grounds???

If you were trying to kill your enemy why would you make your ice attack hollow?? I guess your could watch them suffocate….them again, he doesn’t seem to be having any problem in there (what was the point of the attack???) There we go (sure took its time).

When did Kurumi become a healer?

Why do they have to go to school if he can learn new skills by himself?

Seeing as there is supposed to be a big war going on its very quiet in the background (you would think there would be a bang or two).

Do the bad guys live in the school or is there a 4th dimension?

Why can’t this anime just stop trying to be dramatic and just pay attention to what is going on.

^_o normal stuff


Thought I would talk about my latest beanies.

*T_T I was too busy marathoning chuggaaconroy’s picmin 2 lets play (I should have been catching up on anime) *I stall sit in the shame corner* o-o . . . what a strange string of sentences??*


I  have had good luck when it comes to finding beanie’s that are not available online (if I was too look for this big hello kitty I would just come up short every time). ^_^ I guess having a beanie shop nearby can be very helpful when you want a particular type of beanie that is not over priced and in pristine condition.

I love my little Ice cube and Leona however, I have discovered that no matter where I am in the room its eyes will always be locked on me (they can stare at two people at once).

^_^ I’m so happy, the rest of the big my little pony collection is finally going to be stocked in her shop soon *Yay* I’m going to get a text as soon as they come in (hopefully Friday). I will have to keep an eye out for any other interesting collections in the future.

*I love shops that make you feel welcome.*

Just one problem, where the heck am I going to put them???

I will post the new ones as soon as I get them (there is so little imagery of them online).