Soni-Ani: SUPER SONICO THE ANIMATION midway impression

ImageFor the record Sonico’s swimming outfit looks extremely uncomfortable.

*I could make a post just about everything wrong with it.*

The biggest problem with this anime is that sonico doesn’t really do anything however, that’s not to say nothing happens. Most of the episodes revolve around things that are happening around sonico at the time, she doesn’t necessarily need be there but……she is there anyway…..yay sonico????

T-o This show just makes me want to watch an anime about a normal person who has to get on with his/her day as mad nonsense happens around them.

Giant robot, get on with your day

Magical destruction, get on with your day

Someone says you have to save the world, get on with your day

^_^ I would love to watch a show about a guy/woman like that. *The people in the background have lives too.*


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