^_o normal stuff


Thought I would talk about my latest beanies.

*T_T I was too busy marathoning chuggaaconroy’s picmin 2 lets play (I should have been catching up on anime) *I stall sit in the shame corner* o-o . . . what a strange string of sentences??*


I  have had good luck when it comes to finding beanie’s that are not available online (if I was too look for this big hello kitty I would just come up short every time). ^_^ I guess having a beanie shop nearby can be very helpful when you want a particular type of beanie that is not over priced and in pristine condition.

I love my little Ice cube and Leona however, I have discovered that no matter where I am in the room its eyes will always be locked on me (they can stare at two people at once).

^_^ I’m so happy, the rest of the big my little pony collection is finally going to be stocked in her shop soon *Yay* I’m going to get a text as soon as they come in (hopefully Friday). I will have to keep an eye out for any other interesting collections in the future.

*I love shops that make you feel welcome.*

Just one problem, where the heck am I going to put them???

I will post the new ones as soon as I get them (there is so little imagery of them online).

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