Magical Warfare Episode 4 impression


*one moment the sky is black and the next its a practically sunny (stop messing with the mood).*

T_T First 3 minutes in and the show is already being stupid.

Why would she leave a map in her room, surly she would need it? If not, why would anyone ruin a perfectly good map? *I would just cross the names off a list.*

O_0 I thought the academy was in the ruined world? It would answer these questions: why is the sky blue? Why is the building ok? Why dose plant life flourish there? Why am I asking so many questions??? *my head hurts.*

I have to agree with Kurumi so this one; Takeshi you are a jerk, the reason your family hates you is understandable, now get you dumb head together and sort out your priorities.

Oh, so there are 3 different dimensions? Why???? O_O how can you have a world where just a school exists? Where would they end up if the exit the school grounds???

If you were trying to kill your enemy why would you make your ice attack hollow?? I guess your could watch them suffocate….them again, he doesn’t seem to be having any problem in there (what was the point of the attack???) There we go (sure took its time).

When did Kurumi become a healer?

Why do they have to go to school if he can learn new skills by himself?

Seeing as there is supposed to be a big war going on its very quiet in the background (you would think there would be a bang or two).

Do the bad guys live in the school or is there a 4th dimension?

Why can’t this anime just stop trying to be dramatic and just pay attention to what is going on.


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