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Soni-Ani: SUPER SONICO THE ANIMATION ending (reaction)

ImageIf Sonico is in the tent how can she know her grandma is on the stage? *good guess.*

In this final episode they try and tie all of the episodes together in a cheap and easy fashion (the animation I really poor in this episode).

Description: sonic is holding a concerts and everyone helps.


T-o This is the shows poor attempt at trying to give the characters development however, Putting a character in different circumstances and referencing them moment’s does not necessarily mean they learned anything?  We know they are learning by their actions, we know there aware by how they think and finally we can see how they have grown.


Sonic might have gone on a journey but I doubt she learned anything about the world or even herself. *she seems to live  in a magical bubble that just reflexes away any sign of development.*


The best thing about “Sonico the animation” is the random side characters. It’s as if the creator of sonico did not want their creations/image to be tampered with (she has no personality outside of her looks). This would force the writers to come up with their own characters and stories just in order to make the show moderately watchable.

*Like I side before: sonico is just there.*


30/3/2014 diary

1. I have got anime to write about *just look at my watch list if your interested*

2. T_T the clock stole and hour of my sleep

3. happy mothers day ^_^

I did not  really want to be on the computer today, which meant there was not much to distracted me from the idea of being stuck in this room. T_o I got to be with my mother today (downstairs) so I guess that has made me a little bit more happy.

*anime is a lot more fun when you can banter with the person next to you.*

managed to complete Pokemon link and my prize was:

two new modes and a 3rd assist slot.

Y-Y How do you get these mystery Pokemon to appear (I have loads of s ranks).

^_^ I beat my fear (well partly)

Tonight while watching Saturday night take away i got see the new Cravendale advert

*O_o it was a little creepy*

Cravendale | Barry the biscuit boy

 It got me thinking about an advert that still gets me on edge thinking about it.

An advert we don’t talk about because “its does not exist”  

its very hard for me to talk about it because I unfortunately saw it at 3-4 years old and it has never left my memory.

*It did not last long but it left a deep impact on me.*


Today I managed to put Smirnoff into a search engine without any fear.

Wikipedia 1990 – 2000 no data between these year  (I wonder why?)


I guess the creepy milk advert did manage to give me a bit of courage. ^_^


I had to turn my computer back on when i read this.

Smirnoff ice is twisted

O_O hell yes



tropical hello kitty and fluffy Halo

I wish that they would more  of the hello kitty friends beanies (give me anything that is not hello kitty).  

*My favorite sanrio mascot is chococat (thumps up for the cross eyed kittty).*

Hello kitty’s simplicity comes from the fact that she emits no set emotion thanks to the lack of facial features/colour (Many people would associate a colour with a type of emotion).

I bought these 3 because they brake the monotonous influx of white kitty in a new dress.

*how many times can you buy the same beanie*

my only annoyance with them is that they don’t all mach (why is one of the flower pink?).


This is the little guy i have been waiting for. 

I only got them hello kitties because the shopkeeper asked me what I would like however, this little guy came from left field.

 I first got to see him when I was being shown the new stock coming in (shown by iPad) and I instantly fell in love.

*Even my mother wanted to keep him*

Sure he has problems with his ears being misshaped and his wings not being level but, It honesty just adds to his cuteness.

*More cute then a twilight key chain that looks like its cocking its leg.* 

extra notes

For some odd reason my camera randomly switched to twilight mode when I was trying to photograph Halo.

What made the second beanie photographs that different from the first set of kitty photos?

*Guess the kitty colours confused my camera.*

^_^ ether way they all have to go into Photoshop so that I can fix the tone/light and pull down the memory storage.

the weather hurts me

Fell asleep for 12 hours today.

* I feel really light headed*

Went to work and then the heaven opened O_O


Heavy rain

Thunder and lightning

*The hail was so hard it cracked the window.*

I’m hoping that it’s the weather that’s making me feel so ill.

Magical Warfare Episode 5 impression


What are the limits of illusion magic?

He says they will be telaported to the tent if they get hurt however, he never said what classified as being hurt.

*If i get cut by the branch of a tree will I be sent back?*


You see giant guns…..and you don’t run.  T_T we have only just hit the opening.

O_O what happen to all of the guns? I really wanted to see what would happen (they left me hanging).  *Do not give us build up if there is not going to be a payoff.*

Is she big but faraway or really small and hovering over his shoulder (the perspective of this on this scene is confusing).

How can you enter someone ells illusion (I guess they must be really imaginative).


I guess he suffers with delayed bleeding disorder.

What is stopping one of them climbing up onto the hedge and leading the others to the goal? *they look pretty sturdy to me.*

That was a failed attempt at comedy……that and the moment really did not fit the show.

“I will have to deal with this on my own.” *looks around* but everyone is still here fighting (did he go momentarily blind).  *I guess he just wanted to feel important.*

What happened to the other students taking this test (the bottom floor should be full if they all fell).  *guess they all cut themselves on impact.*


Technically only one of them got to their specific goal (the others were destroyed).

O_O the snow is landing on the camera (the anime knows we are watching).

“A year ago you promised that we would go to the shrine” How can you go to the shrine if you are in a different  demention? Fare play if you found one. *just seems like an odd thing to bring up when you’re trapped in a school.*

Wait a second, there going home….I thought they could not go home.

“I know that I have been missing for months but, I’m home now….well for the day”

*It just raises so many questions.*


The flute indicates he’s embarrassed (you’re not a comedy, leave all of the funny sound affects in the shed).

i know that she is supposed to be erotically spread upon the floor (indicated by Takashi’s reaction) but all i’m thinking about is how can she lift her head if her arm/back are laying on top of her hair?

Why is Takeshi putting Mui in bed? He was the one drained by all of the training not her.


Er….O_O I’m lost, how did we get to the moment again?  It just feels so random and forced (you’re not funny show, stop trying to be funny).

T-O is she sick, when did that happen? XD i don’t know whats going on.

O_O pet me bother, take my bra off brother, rest you head in my breast brother (i guess she really “loves” her brother).


Kurumi walks into the room to find Takashi in bed with Mui….what? i thought she went home for new years ( you would think they would be allowed to heave the entire day to be with there families).

Did not expect that? makes you wonder what her power is capable of.

Well….I guess the spell wore off (what was the point of the scene?)


because pointless time skips are fun.


Its takes me 2 hours to get though one episode of Magical Warfare. 



Infinite Stratos 2 ending (reaction)

ImageWhen will these shows learn, you can’t have a suspenseful action ending if you send most of your episodes on pointless rubbish (They were not even fan service filler episodes).

I could not get into the ending of this show because the anime spent way too little time establishing the enemy…. In fact, who were the enemy????

*I guess they were established in the first season,along with why his sister is important to the enemy.*

what’s wrong with this guy?

*There is being dense and then there is being a zombie.*

When this show hits its mark it can be very funny however, there are just too many episodes that are not funny and have a heavy lack of fan service, which is pretty odd for a herem. (The over the top fan service is usual what pulls these anime’s though there slow episodes).

This anime is nothing more than meh.

*its not good but, its not bad, it’s just…MEH!*

Manga dare T-o

Lea:Your reviews are doing well. ^_^ i wish you could write more of them.

DB: I have too much stuff going on at the moment.

Lea: U_U I know, you can only do them in your free time.

DB: I have some free time this week so I might write you another.

*yay easy posting day*

Lea: could you do a request.

DB : what is it?

Lea: could you review Tokyo mew mew a la mode for me (personal request).

DB: I will do it on one condition, you will have to review Oriko.

Lea: T_T better then doing them all.

DB: Kazumi was not that bad

Lea: mobiles that can hunt witches.

DB: I forgot that happened.


T-O There would be loads of manga reviews if I could just find a quiet place to read.

*I have a huge shelf of manga*

p.s. ^-O anime ending reaction can finally start (I can final post about anime again).


downloaded Pokemon Link Battle on my 3ds


Link them up

4 in row

And ya good to go   *love that jingle*

They probably changed the name form Trozei to Link just to make the song sound more catchy.


My only problem with the game is that its very hard to activate the mystery Pokemon.

*It feels purely random*

You have to catch them  (special levels).

p.s  I defeated Raichu by the skin of my teeth.

Y_Y dam you neo magazine (uk anime/manga mag)

neos magazine said the new durarara anime would  cost: £90 O_O holy cow!


*The average anime DVD cost about £20- £30 new.*


looked online and found it would cost: £45


Y_Y does no one check/edit this magazine before they send it out.

I  have seen the same article repeated twice and a bizarre contradiction.

“A review of “the strongest in the world” manga; it dose not have an anime.”

*turn page*

“Here is a review of the anime “the strongest in the world”.”