Silver spoon 2 midway impression

Image^_^ finally! I have wanted to talk about this anime since Thursday (stuff kept coming up).

When you compare season 1 to this season I would have to say that the first season felt a lot more engaging.  I don’t think the second season is bad however, I did find that a lot of the character reactions felt very forced/ overly annoying. *It’s just sad to see so many well devolved characters just turn into one joke background filler.*

This season is about Hachiken and no one else’s. Well….they did try and set up a problem for Mikage and Komaba however, we haven’t really seen anything come of that since the first episode of season 2.

We now have the annoying princess character added to are cast. I don’t like the princess archetype because I find that there laugh is grading, the manga style is gaudy and there snobby personality just makes me want to hurt them.

We finally get to see Hachiken’s farther in episode 6 and he is an over the top bad guy with flat hair, neat suit and sinister eyes. I know that we are meant to see his farther as a bad person but, did you really have to go that over the top in order for us understand that (he looks like he used to beat Hachiken with a belt).

This show has failed to grab the magic of the first season.


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