Z/X IGNITION midway impression

ImageXD I don’t know what’s going on??? For a show that revolves around z/x we really don’t know much about them.  Where did these hand devises come from? I original thought it was chosen one magic however, latter we learn that the military has 2….. How did they get them? Did they steal them or are weapons given by stronger z/x / angles.  Are the angles z/x? If not where did they come from? If the world was attacked why are all the hot spots only in japan? *Because its anime, why did I even ask?*

*O-o They still have some time to explain what is going on. *

The worst episode of this anime has to be episode 5 because it’s just a pointless filler episode, for the most part.  O-o I will list off what’s wrong with episode 5:

  1. Girl who is scared of multidimensional monsters does not question a floating mask of evil.
  2. The balloon was ether under flatted or just ignoring physics.
  3. Who chases a balloon for that long? Did you expect the kid too just wait till you came back? Is that kid still waiting for his balloon?
  4. They reuse the same joke trice (it was not that funny the first time).
  5. O-o Did this show just temporally turn into a harem drama.
  6. Who thought that cantering an episode around cooking cake would mesh well with this series (we have had nothing but fighting/drama in the episodes before this).

^-^ I feel a lot better now. 

Am I the only one who thinks about championship wrestling every time the logo comes on the screen? XD On the right corner we have a mighty knight *boooo* and in the left corner we have the guy with pointy horns *woop woop*.

i can’t see this getting any better. 

p.s. You have to love how the title is in capitals IT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO SHOUT IT!


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