Wake Up, Girls! midway impression

ImageHow are these girls getting venues?

I know that we are meant to feel sorry for them but, there name has been mentioned in enough media for them to pull in more then 3 people by this point. what is the point of staring in all of these TV shows if its not giving the girls any exposure.

I still can’t tell the characters apart. 

This anime like to make out that big corporations are bad and anyone who goes to a training academy that works them vigorously is bad.  “Oh you are not good enough, you better leave because we are an evil company that crushes dreams ha ha ha!”  T_O

You know what anime, screw you!

If you are not prepared to get pushed around in the world of the performing arts you are not going to get far.  Its best that someone tells you that they are not cut out for it early on then to have them wasting their time on unattainable dreams.  If you are truly determined you will want to keep trying, you would always give 120% and you would never let one stumble destroy your dream.


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