The many types of dubs *poem*

there are many types of dubs within a quaint little world

some are full of energy and other makes you ill

let’s list off the horrors that make it into are realm 

so that we can find the good within this huge landfill 


Are first little dub has….the problem of….timing

It stops….every second because….the lips don’t like matching

Don’t blame the actor for this ungodly mess

But blame the director who…..should have…picked-up…on the cracks.  


The second good dub is full of sugars

it wishes you to know that it love you like a brother

the biggest problem is not the actors that play

but the many similar voices I hear to this day

there is nothing wrong with being a popular voice

but when you are the baker, friend and head master school

I tend to forget theses are really people at all


the third type of anime has been hacked to death

the censors go mad when children have to watch it

there are thing that I do believe should be censored

*Y_o I know the effects of not checking imagery*

But invisible gun, wine and legs

How can you possible defend with : “it will damage are kids brains”

I can’t blame to actors that voice in this mess

But I will blame the censors that think they know best


the worst type of dubs are the one where one on cares

money is the only thing that even got them there

an actor is like a puppeteers ready to amuse

the illusion only works when the two people fuse

for any dubber big or small

remember this next time you talk

^_^ a pupperter may look like just a man with a doll

the magic of how it lives

the illusion that it’s not controlled

is at the hand of it controller and their still at deluding us all. 

TT_TT this site rally dose not want me to tag this (brakes every time).



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