dog days 2 ending (reaction)

Image*I found the blue cat….along with a blue dog????*

My final verdict is pretty simple: skip season 1

This season has a lot more going on thanks to the large cast of colourful characters. No offence to sink but, he is one of the most boring characters I have ever come across (he’s more robot then human).

This show does have a bad habit of making everything overly happy (even when people are supposed to be sad they still look happy).  If you’re looking for an emotionally engaging show you better look somewhere ells because everyone in this only feels one emotion.  *It does unfortunately make the show look saccharinely sweet (very off putting)*

Do you know what makes its worse? The horribly placed/illogical) fan service.

I thankful that the show is constantly doing fan service however, when it starts to go the shows own logic we have a problem. One of the basic rules of this world is that if you defeat a soldier they will turn into a little fuzz ball of their animal.
The queen/captain of the guard don’t turn into animals when defeated…..why?

*It’s never explained*


When you defeat one of the hero’s there armour will disappear (leaving them in whatever they had on underneath). O-o why are there some episodes where everything vanishes.*was the hit so hard that the clothes committed suicide.* You don’t see any of them in naked detail but nevertheless, there wasn’t any real reason for that to happen in the first place.

I did enjoy this show and I really hope that they are making a season 3.


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