beanie horror o-O Twilight key chain

My first sense of panic arose when i saw the amazon image for this thing.


o-o i don’t know which one is worse???

The one on the amazon image might look bulky but at least all of it limbs look level.    

The twilight I got seems to have over stuffed back legs and a strange hard patch underneath the cutie mark (feels like heavy amounts of hard glue).

non of twilight’s legs are actually level in fact, if you try and stand her strait it  look like she is taking a pee.


The tail and the back of the hair hangs perfectly however, for some odd reason her fringe sticks up like a crazy Mohawk.

The horn will not stand strait no matter how much a bend it to the left (its glued in place).

O_0 I will hang this deformed creature on my bag.

*I cringes as the tag is removed*

T_T Might get another just for collection purposes. 

p.s. This beanie has no beans.

i promise that the next post will be more anime related.

*chococat proclaims it.*



3 responses

  1. That angle on the 1st picture is just a bad start for me. If the mane was on both sides, Twilight would not look so bold. A little scary looking too.

    As the other one… that’s a bit of bad measuring and I’ll say no more. At least her mane is much better. A little sad the horn isn’t straight. :\

    I’m only commenting what my eye sees, not cause its ponies.

    1. ^-o I don’t care if its a pony, I just love how deformed it is.

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