Infinite Stratos 2 ending (reaction)

ImageWhen will these shows learn, you can’t have a suspenseful action ending if you send most of your episodes on pointless rubbish (They were not even fan service filler episodes).

I could not get into the ending of this show because the anime spent way too little time establishing the enemy…. In fact, who were the enemy????

*I guess they were established in the first season,along with why his sister is important to the enemy.*

what’s wrong with this guy?

*There is being dense and then there is being a zombie.*

When this show hits its mark it can be very funny however, there are just too many episodes that are not funny and have a heavy lack of fan service, which is pretty odd for a herem. (The over the top fan service is usual what pulls these anime’s though there slow episodes).

This anime is nothing more than meh.

*its not good but, its not bad, it’s just…MEH!*


One response

  1. I liked season one, but am disappointed to learn that they don’t expand the story in season 2. The harem gags are funny, but they should compliment the plot not replace it. Shame as I wanted to know more about those mysterious unmanned IS. Heck I wouldn’t mind if they turned it into a sports show revolving around IS fighting tournaments.

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