tropical hello kitty and fluffy Halo

I wish that they would more  of the hello kitty friends beanies (give me anything that is not hello kitty).  

*My favorite sanrio mascot is chococat (thumps up for the cross eyed kittty).*

Hello kitty’s simplicity comes from the fact that she emits no set emotion thanks to the lack of facial features/colour (Many people would associate a colour with a type of emotion).

I bought these 3 because they brake the monotonous influx of white kitty in a new dress.

*how many times can you buy the same beanie*

my only annoyance with them is that they don’t all mach (why is one of the flower pink?).


This is the little guy i have been waiting for. 

I only got them hello kitties because the shopkeeper asked me what I would like however, this little guy came from left field.

 I first got to see him when I was being shown the new stock coming in (shown by iPad) and I instantly fell in love.

*Even my mother wanted to keep him*

Sure he has problems with his ears being misshaped and his wings not being level but, It honesty just adds to his cuteness.

*More cute then a twilight key chain that looks like its cocking its leg.* 

extra notes

For some odd reason my camera randomly switched to twilight mode when I was trying to photograph Halo.

What made the second beanie photographs that different from the first set of kitty photos?

*Guess the kitty colours confused my camera.*

^_^ ether way they all have to go into Photoshop so that I can fix the tone/light and pull down the memory storage.


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