^_^ I beat my fear (well partly)

Tonight while watching Saturday night take away i got see the new Cravendale advert

*O_o it was a little creepy*

Cravendale | Barry the biscuit boy

 It got me thinking about an advert that still gets me on edge thinking about it.

An advert we don’t talk about because “its does not exist”  

its very hard for me to talk about it because I unfortunately saw it at 3-4 years old and it has never left my memory.

*It did not last long but it left a deep impact on me.*


Today I managed to put Smirnoff into a search engine without any fear.

Wikipedia 1990 – 2000 no data between these year  (I wonder why?)


I guess the creepy milk advert did manage to give me a bit of courage. ^_^


I had to turn my computer back on when i read this.

Smirnoff ice is twisted

O_O hell yes




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