Soni-Ani: SUPER SONICO THE ANIMATION ending (reaction)

ImageIf Sonico is in the tent how can she know her grandma is on the stage? *good guess.*

In this final episode they try and tie all of the episodes together in a cheap and easy fashion (the animation I really poor in this episode).

Description: sonic is holding a concerts and everyone helps.


T-o This is the shows poor attempt at trying to give the characters development however, Putting a character in different circumstances and referencing them moment’s does not necessarily mean they learned anything?  We know they are learning by their actions, we know there aware by how they think and finally we can see how they have grown.


Sonic might have gone on a journey but I doubt she learned anything about the world or even herself. *she seems to live  in a magical bubble that just reflexes away any sign of development.*


The best thing about “Sonico the animation” is the random side characters. It’s as if the creator of sonico did not want their creations/image to be tampered with (she has no personality outside of her looks). This would force the writers to come up with their own characters and stories just in order to make the show moderately watchable.

*Like I side before: sonico is just there.*



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