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Z/X IGNITION ending (reaction)

ImageWe have reached the ending of this show and I still have no idea how the Z/X beam portal things work (I’m guessing they lead to different dimensions).

I have no big problem with angles and demons in anime; would they really have a concept of good and bad?  As humans we have the gift of being able to create that distinction for are selves (what one person thinks is bad the other might think is good).

Angles are obedient; in order to have obedience’s you can’t have free thought; in order to not have free thought you can’t have free will.

demon kill because it’s fun

Angles kills because it was ask too

Both are scary if you ask me.

Nothing they do is wrong or correct.

I’m bringing this up because I have seen many anime that depict angel as mad murders and demon as sexy lovers. One: A demon would rape and kill you without a second thought (too many sexy demons) and two: If an angel desires a human/anything that is a sin (don’t anger god).

sorry Fierte “you can never go back”.

*my little rant ^-o*

p.s why make the joke “angels have no gender” if you were just going to make them look distinctively female/male.


That’s just one part of this anime O_O

They might not have answered the question of where these beams came from but they sure gave us a lot of side stories.

A lot of them don’t really go anywhere and you most likely will have forgotten about them as episode go on. You can see it’s trying so hard to get you to care about these characters but outside of their singular episodes there really boring/unengaging.

The last episode tries to be dramatic but ultimately fails (I know nothing about these people outside of their back stories). For the most part this last episode is just warping up as many loose ends as it possibly can (it’s cluttered and flows very poorly).

Episode in short: I’m going away to a distant land.

^-^ yay the last episode, we can final find out why this anime was constantly telling us the time and date? “Look, it’s snowing.”   T_T you spent all that time telling us the time just so we knew it was snowing in winter *facepalm*.


If you want something that does not need much concentration this is for you but, if you want a good action show your better off looking somewhere ells.


Kyubey and soul gems

  1. Soul gem
  2. Greif seed

Kyubey needs Soul gem so that he can collect energy

Only Greif seed can be converted into energy however, after a fight they are completely empty.

Soul gem’s refill the trapped soul with their own grief in order for the cycle to continue.


This makes the evil witch madoka completely pointless because Kyubey would never be able to harvest her power.

If Kyubey can give Homura the power to surpass entropy why is the universe in so much trouble. Why did Homura have a dirty soul gem when she is a  already a witch?   Again, if Kyubey can create endless power that easily why is the universe dyeing?

Homura is like madoka, because its endless there is no way of collecting it.

In order for Homura to have endless power she would need to be able to release it like a witch.

*if she went back in time as a normal magical girl her soul gem would be black.*

*This theory is backed up by the ending of the TV series*


GIRLS und PANZER ending (reaction)

Image“There are special flowers that only grow here” o-T??? How? This ship has probably been though hundreds of different climates.


This was a constantly good series that manages to keep me  laughing and cheering for are girls to win there (very small) contest.

They find a new tank (with crew) just for it to get blown up a minute into the final battle (what was the point?).  *more characters for merchandise.*  

O_O I know more about the tank then girls inside.

The tanks can only be as awesome as the users, for they create the funny code name and execute there bazaar plans. You will remember the nicknames of every tank they use; conversely you will not be able to recall any of the people driving said tanks.

I have to admit that it’s very fun and rewarding to look up the history that surrounds the tanks that these characters are using (keep in mind there Japaneses).  They could have easily created some random tank designs that would have saved them a bundle on animation (i’m thankful for the detail).


*You can’t drift a tank T-o……far as I know.*

These tanks must have been equipped with turbo engines (they look more like car chases).   The tank might look accurate but I doubt that they were capable of doing the mad stunts that were performed in this show.

This anime didn’t disappoint me and I would gladly recommend it.

*T-o The ending feels a little weak to me.*

DB review: Btooom! vol 5


Title: Btooom! vol 5

Publisher: Yen Press

Author: Junya Inoue

Rating: Mature

I will take this opportunity to state that, as you read this, I have yet to watch the Btooom! anime and having read this far I have no intention to either. I may watch after the book series is finished but as the anime has not only stalled and is therefore currently playing catch up to the books, I’d rather read and speaking personally I get so much more out of a book.

I am going to break from my normal way of doing things. If you have read books 1 to 4, then by now you will know the characters. My aim is not to give away too much, but I wanted to review the characters in a little more depth, especially as the first half of book 5 is filling a particular characters background to the story.

Ryouta Sakamoto is a well thought-out lead character. There are some great moments of innocence, especially in the way he views things, early on in the story and his reactions do feel real. One makes me like him as a lead character is that he does seem to have some very human weaknesses and that is something often missed out with other lead characters.

Kiyoshi Taira is also a well thought character. He has many sides to him, some good and some that make you not quite trust him, but he his likeable and jolly. As with Ryouta, Taira comes across as very human and has enough personality to make a reader that he too holds up his end of the story. Sure it’s Ryouta’s story we follow, but no story is strong without a good, believable support cast.

This brings me nicely onto Himiko. Himiko is a most interesting character, initially she is seen as a fanservice element, but the further into the story you go, the more interesting she becomes. As a character her transition is very cleverly handled. It’s just a shame then that to my eyes she is drawn a bit improbably and bizarrely it’s when she is dressed that I think she is drawn worst. Oddly when she isn’t dressed does her body seem a bit more normal, but maybe that’s just me.

Speaking of drawing I do have to praise the artwork in this anime. The scenery is realist and so are all the details within the story’s world. The reader has to also be aware that some scenes are very graphically displayed; this is not a book that shies away from its violence.  Violence is a key word when talking about Btoom! This is a story that centres on a death game and has a mature rating so graphic violence as seen in these books has to be expected. To not expect it is foolish. Also I have read criticism of the bombs used in Btoom! and this seems a bit harsh. Yes each type used has its own limitations and some would seem on paper to not seem that power in terms of explosive force, but this brings the skill of user into play. The weapon is only as effective as the person using it and I like that.

Sure Btoom! isn’t perfect, but  they are only small niggles and overall it is a great read and all I can say is keep up the good work.

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^-o I’m not going to leave you guy with a post that short.


This month I have seen loads of baby animals running around the fields, so far my favourite was an adorable foal walking beside taller horses.  I also manage to see two squirrels cuddling on the remains of a tree (looked like it had been hit by lighting).

^_^ *I have watched two squirrels chase each other around a tree*  

I’m now considering watching: animax

unlike crunchyroll they actually have a ps3 app and a lot of popular shows that I want to watch.

*They give you the option of watching the dub.* 


No Game No Life (first impression)

Image“Chess is no different to tic-tac-toe”   Noughts and crosses always ends in a draw (how are they the same).   

This anime is about a two siblings that get sent to a game universe.

The game universe uses a lot of bright skittle colours that will keep you awake throughout the run time (my eyes O_O there burning).

As you can tell from the quote above this show dose like to pretend that it’s a lot smarter then what it is (that quote was the only line I had a problem with). *These character need to be up their own backsides.*

Rule 1, rule 2, rule 3……rule 5……zzzzzz…..rule 10. Get to the point! (We even got a quick history lesson about this world’s god).

*wish this information was a little more spread out.*


We got a chess game and a card game…..epic! I really do hope that the games get a lot more creative in later episode. T_o I better stop or I will start to wonder why he lives with his sister and how does he earn money to pay for his computer, electric and house (he looks well-nourished for someone who lives on dehydrated food).

Blade and Soul (first impression)

Capture 1
Plot: Main character kills master and now has people trying to kill her.

Animation:You have to love how kites can remain perfectly stationary in the sky.

It’s not a bad or good it’s just….MEH!

 *There is nothing to talk about.*

 There has to be something???…….We got a good shot of Aruka’s ass. *T_T For shame.*

I really do not know what is going to happen in later episodes.


 There was no long strand of hair dangling down when she cut it. 


Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (first impression)



I see flags, floating around like normal flags. *I couldn’t help myself.*

What’s with the dialogue in this show, no normal person talks like that (this show just makes me want to read Genkaku Picasso).

I hate are female lead! I can understand thinking that he is just using these flags as an excuse to stay away from others however, when someone tells you they are the only known survivor of a ship wreck (with the news paper to prove it) you don’t say “what of it”.   Y-Y

“You’re a nice person”  *eyes burning in fury.*

No one in this anime acts/talks like a normal human, which is a huge problem when you’re basing your show around human emotions.


I hope that not all of these episodes are going to be about mentally disturbed people.

Give people hope…by stalking them???? 
 *Love can destroy death *rolls eyes**

If you want a comedy show about choices watch “My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy” if you want a more mature approach to seeing emotions read “Genkaku Picasso”.

Y-0 you can’t mix goofy comedy with serious drama.


p.s bases on a novel  *explains the dialogue.*

DB review: Btooom! vol 4


Title: Btooom! vol 4

Publisher: Yen Press

Author: Junya Inoue

Rating: Mature

Just when you think things are calm, book 4 of Btooom! decides to crank things up again. After an interesting first chapter, which fills in a few more gaps, it is back to the action. The fight in this book is well thought out, showing an interest in the tactical side of a fight and also shows fighters learning and adapting to conditions and environment, as well as each other. There is also plenty of background material to enjoy and you feel that the more you read the deeper in the story you are.

All this does somewhat depend on the reader. If, like me, you immerse yourself when reading a story, then this is a great series and each book makes you want to go further and further. As I reached this point in the series I knew that I wanted to know what happens next and find out more about the individuals involved.

It’s hard to say too much more without giving away too many spoilers, what I can say is that at this point this is a series that is hard not to recommend to anyone else you know who likes this kind of story. Yes, as I mentioned in earlier reviews, there plenty of similarities to characters from other books and shows and for sure there will be people who will read this and think I have come across this type of character before but for me it is the way these characters are blended, as well as some gaps that have yet to be filled that make this a great read.

^_^ bloated

No post today

I managed to eat half a chicken with a side of  coleslaw and garlic bread (nandos).

XD They said I could not do it, but I proved them wrong!

Since college finished I have not been able to see any of my old friends (life keeps getting in the way). It’s a pain because we really do enjoy meeting up.

Need to plan a day out to the city with my college friend. *too the museum.*