Morrisons pop can scam

The 8 packs of can was £2 and now it’s £4 (330ml)


15 cans (250ml) is also £4

How does that work?

I asked an employee and he said “the tins are smaller in the 15 pack”

It still smelled fishy to me so I went home and did the math.




*1110 ml difference*

T_o I knew it did not add up.


In short, if you buy 8 cans you are also buying 3 invisible cans.

8 pack 50p per can

15 pack 27p per can

330 ml 50p

250ml 27p


8 pack can

100% 330ml 50p

50% 165ml 25p

10% 33ml 5p

198ml 30p


8 pack can  198ml 30p

15 pack can 250ml 27p


If a 15 pack cost £4

the 8 pack should not also cost £4.


in short: buy 2  litre bottles 

2 liter bottle = £1

4 bottles = £4 = 8000ml

15  can’s (250ml) = 3750ml



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