The Pilot’s Love Song ending (reaction)

ImageI have some questions:

Why was there a war? O-o the end of the world must be a holy land to them.

If there world is an asteroid (no core) how can gravity exists? I saw an island floating on an island, question invalid.  *I will let this fall under anime logic.*

Does that mean the floating island could be on another floating island that is being carried around space on the back of a giant turtle (it boggles the mind).

finally, what was the point of bringing that island in the fist place?  o-o I honestly have no answer for this one. *I was confused about it from start too finish.*


The one episode that I really enjoyed from this show was heavily abused, which is very sad because as a singular story it was very strong and emotional.

By the end of this show I felt that everyone needed wrist bands saying: “what would Mitty do.”

side note: punches to the stomach are not cute (you could have coursed him internal damage/it could have killed him). *I’m amazed that no one gave her a good slap across the face.*


^-0 Here are two screen shots that made me laugh.


^_^ The grass is moving faster then he is.

*It doesn’t  even look like its touching the ground (floating grass).*


T_o I have become very good at spotting errors thanks to magical warfare.


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