GIRLS und PANZER (first impression)

Image*My last first impression was January 25 2014 (the down side of watching seasons) *

There are many anime on my list that I would be a lot more willing to watch if I could have a friend by my side.  To me there is nothing more fun than being able to share a good laugh with whoever happens to join you.

*Tales of earthsea*  Me and my mother:  “That’s a man!”

T_T At least she only had to sit though the ending of that slow film.

we need more anime films on TV (i watched Tales of earthsea subbed on tv). 

Back on topic 

 This is oddly a well written moe show (has the world gone mad). When I started watching this show I was expecting cute ditsy girls  trying to work huge manly machines as everyone hung out drinking tea and playing games….I was wrong.

Underneath that cute poster is a funny/quirky show that managed to keep me entertained from start to finish.  The character are not much to write home about however, you have to love how each one of the girls interact while operating these huge machines.

*“kick me as hard as you can!”*

As long as we spend most or are time in the tanks this show could actual be very entertaining.


p.s. The only reason i’m watching this is because my friend has has the dub track at his (the last anime I watched with DB was sword art online).



This is why I prefer to watch my anime with other people (banter is fun). 


DB: *pause anime and rewinds* “spot what’s wrong with this scene”


Anime: “It looks like the armor and threads are just fine.”


Lea: “I don’t see it”

DB: “There are no treads on that side of the tank”


on closer inspection there is a box with what looks to be  treads in it however,  there is no way she could know they were fine without looking inside the box.


Anime: “we are using live ammo but, we are shooting each other in a safe way”

*DB pause the anime and places his head upon his lap in order to hold back the laughter*

Lea: “we might be using live deadly ammo but, we are using it responsibly” ^_^

*Even I could not help laughing*

DB: I can’t even dismiss that as anime logic.


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