what can I watch?

^_^ what is crunchy offering me this season.


inugami-san to nekoyama-san

kamigami no asobi

blade and soul 

la corda d’oro -blue sky-

the world is still beautiful 

love live 

the file of young kindaichi returns 

captain earth

rowdy sumo wrestler matsutaro


baby steps

brynhilder in the darkness

oreca battle  

dragon collection 

the comic artist and assistant 

 black bullet

hero bank

magica wars

no game no life

kanojo ga flag wo oraretara (if her flag breaks)

chaika-the coffin princess-

dai-shogun-great revolution

is the order a rabbit?

 nanana’s buried treasure 



more to come.


o-O that’s a lot!


I still am struggling to beat Autumn(my computer doesn’t like anime from Autumn) however, I have almost defeated winter.


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