The Ambition of Oda Nobuna midway impression

Image1. How do boobs jiggle in armor? (can’t be made of metal).

2. why are nubuna’s followers so short?  *They shale destroy kingdoms with there adorableness.*

The biggest problem with this show is that none of the characters have any personality outside of being a woman.

nubuna has to be the worst character on this show.

I don’t like her for one simple reason, she does not understand how her own dam world works.  There is one episode were a lad from a different kingdom ask her to marry him and she reacts with: *flails arms* “oh but we hardly know each other, do you really love me.”

*You’re a moron*

I should not let it bother me but, I really can’t understand why she owns a modern globe (It’s so out of place). I don’t even think that particular map would have even existed during her time period.  If you were trying to conker a particular aware why would you need to look at the entire world?  It stands out like a sore thumb (it’s in every opening sequence).

verdict: T-o slow, boring and not very creative.


One response

  1. Boobs jiggle in armor because there isn’t a metal on Earth strong enough to contain the hefty mammaries anime is known for.

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