GIRLS und PANZER U-U Argument

Image*British tank team *

 Lea:  french! Y_Y

DB: I think there are blue British/English uniforms

Lea: traditionally the English are red and the french are blue.

*there used to be so much smoke from the guns/canons that it was very hard to see who you were fighting.*

Lea: there is no reason for there war uniforms to be red and there school uniforms to be blue (blue does make a lady look more elegant). You would think there school uniforms would be there war uniforms (the other school goes to battle in the school uniforms).


T_T This lead to a discussion on french history, that lead us into a discussion about the doomesday book, that lead us into a  discussion on the vikings .  I love discussions/debates that make me want to spend my entire day in the library. ^_^


extra, wondering thoughts:  I guess if we are talking about the uk there are the patron saint colours and  you could take into account that the word British has sort of become a catch 22. *ahhhh!*


2 responses

  1. Well the Union Jack has red, white and blue so I think using any of those colours in their uniforms is fair game. What is Girls und Panzer like anyways? I’m undecided on whether to get the upcoming MVM release.

    1. ^-o That’s why i said patron saints:
      Saint Andrew (Scotland), Saint Patrick (north Ireland )and Saint George (England).
      Together they make the union jack.
      * poor Saint David (wales)*

      ^_^ All I can really say is that its very unique.

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