GIRLS und PANZER midway impression


So are girls have now gotten used to their tanks and are ready to move out (I’m so proud).

They seem to have been entered into a contest that will challenge their ability to fire, drive and plan military attacks.

British and chivalry…can we put them two in the same sentence? T-o *long as french are not around.*


My complaint : If you have the advantage in a war situation you don’t handicap yourself in order to give the other team a fighting chance.

I understand that it’s important to be respectful to the opposition but, do you honestly believe that the higher ranking teams are going to handicap themselves like they did.  By holding back there strength they have doomed are main characters to a more destructive defeat at the hands of a ruthless opponent.


The dub has sort of shot itself in the foot by making are main characters sound American. You might be asking why is that a problem?  Well…..they have to face team USA in a tank match (it’s weird).

At least the voice actors of the team USA are trying to sound invested, the team UK’s voice actors just sound like they just want to get paid (can you try and give a dam).



2 responses

  1. Perhaps the main character will reveal that she is a spy for Team USA. What a twist!

    Whenever I hear attempts at British accents in anime it makes me cringe. The original Hellsing was pretty bad in that regard.

    1. XD Would make things a lot more interesting.

      when is someone going to tell them that referring to the British accent as English is politically incorrect (British is a coverall word).
      o-o they only like fake ascents.
      Arrietty English dub *its a good dub*

      Arrietty American English *what where they thinking*

      It’s based in a European setting and they feel that it needs to be re-dubbed with more American like voices.

      T-o what is this perfect British voice?

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