Arpeggio of Blue Steel ending (reaction)

Image^-o I will always finish my anime (even if it takes me month’s).

The last couple of episodes are very hart warming and will honestly have you wanting are alien friends to push though there hardships. The only thing that makes these last couple of episodes really odd is that the show seems to have forgotten that these girls are computer programs.

The ships  have been created by the fog, they only manifest as females because most human refer to their ships as females.  In short, a ship wants to have a relationship with a human (Am I the only one who finds that wired).


T-o I guess the fog just went away. *I thought the fog was an entity that controlled the alien ships.*


The biggest problem with this show is that all of the characters sound really dull and lifeless (makes sense for the ships but not the humans). It also doesn’t help that the animation looks really unnatural at times.

*This anime likes to use cad animation (computer aided design)*

It felt unnatural because they were trying there best to make the computer animation look like it was drawn (you can spray a tomato blue but it will still be red underneath).

ImageLast question: Why is Takao the main focus on this poster?



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