HEROBANK (first impression)

ImageWe all jump, we all glow, for are mindless kodomo. ^_^

^_o I have a very vast taste when it comes to visual stories (My manga can range from Cinnamoroll to lychee light club). *I really despise teen stories.*

The only time I would ever strait up refuse to watch a show is when it actively makes me feel really uncomfortable (goes against my moral code).

This anime is about a big online contest  that revolves around how much money one can spend on there armour .

our main character signs a contract for some super strong amour and ends up in deep dept.

*shrug* I guess he will have to pay it off by fighting his way though the ranks.

*That’s the show in a nutshell. *

*Money, money, money makes the world go round, so pay up now or we will break your crown (A daft show deserves a daft response).*

Firstly, everyone in this show sounds and looks obnoxious (A very common trait in most kodomo).

Secondly, I don’t think children can sign contracts without parental consent.

Finally, why are so many people watching this match (there ranks are really low).


In one way you could watch this and say “its childish fun that is made to get the kids hyped up for some battle action” however, you could also view it as “This is just a cheap way of getting children used to the idea of spending endless amounts money on online games”.

I hope that there repercussions to his actions (might as well teach the kids something).


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