DRAGON COLLECTION (first impression)

ImageU_U I hate 11-12 minutes episode (they leaves me conflicted). 

There seems to be a lot of animes that just want to yell out the titles this season.

“Did you watch DRAGON COLLECTION!”

“Yes, did you get to watch ORECA BATTLE!”

“It was not as good as MAGICA WARS!”

I have no idea why crunchyroll wants to yell out these particular titles. 

I don’t understand why 11-12 minute anime’s should be allowed to have normal opening and ending songs (they should be short and snappy). There is nothing more annoying then having an entertaining show waste its air time on pointless filler.


This anime is about a boy who gets sucked into a game machine.  He also has a dragon that turns into a card that gets powered up by a magical book.

I’m going to presume that this boy is the chosen one of something (otherwise this arcade must have a bad kidnapping reputation).

This anime seem to be well animated, it’s just a pity that the episode end before the action even gets a chance to start. Short anime’s are deigned to be snappy, not long continues plot driven tales *one episode, one story/joke and your done).

There is nothing to write home about.


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