Is the Order a Rabbit? (first impression)

Image^_^ yay a cute moe show – One episode later: O_O there is loli in this show!

can I watch this? *uk laws* 

T-o I will have to keep my eye on that.

^_^ You would think crunchyroll would do the research for me (“Recently, My Sister is Unusual” is clearly on the no go list). 

*p.s. I use*


This anime is about a café run by some cute girls (short and sweet).

The moe in this show reaches saccharine levels of cuteness (you just want to hug them).

I’m not very sure why they have decided to call there café the “rabbit house”??? Rabbits are general really grumpy, that’s not a very good image for a cutesy café.

*Come join us in the rabbit house, where we will gladly ignore you and spit in you coffee for no extra fee.* T-O guess you could call it the rabbit hutch in the evening (the café transforms into a bar).

There was very little going on in this episode (even for a moe), I hope they find some way of filling out the air time with the upcoming episodes.

p.s. O_o guns to the head are not cute (why is this becoming popular).



2 responses

  1. Rabbit House? Do the waitresses dress as bunny girls or something?

    1. oddly no o-0 they might in the future.

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