DB review: Btooom! vol 4


Title: Btooom! vol 4

Publisher: Yen Press

Author: Junya Inoue

Rating: Mature

Just when you think things are calm, book 4 of Btooom! decides to crank things up again. After an interesting first chapter, which fills in a few more gaps, it is back to the action. The fight in this book is well thought out, showing an interest in the tactical side of a fight and also shows fighters learning and adapting to conditions and environment, as well as each other. There is also plenty of background material to enjoy and you feel that the more you read the deeper in the story you are.

All this does somewhat depend on the reader. If, like me, you immerse yourself when reading a story, then this is a great series and each book makes you want to go further and further. As I reached this point in the series I knew that I wanted to know what happens next and find out more about the individuals involved.

It’s hard to say too much more without giving away too many spoilers, what I can say is that at this point this is a series that is hard not to recommend to anyone else you know who likes this kind of story. Yes, as I mentioned in earlier reviews, there plenty of similarities to characters from other books and shows and for sure there will be people who will read this and think I have come across this type of character before but for me it is the way these characters are blended, as well as some gaps that have yet to be filled that make this a great read.

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