No Game No Life (first impression)

Image“Chess is no different to tic-tac-toe”   Noughts and crosses always ends in a draw (how are they the same).   

This anime is about a two siblings that get sent to a game universe.

The game universe uses a lot of bright skittle colours that will keep you awake throughout the run time (my eyes O_O there burning).

As you can tell from the quote above this show dose like to pretend that it’s a lot smarter then what it is (that quote was the only line I had a problem with). *These character need to be up their own backsides.*

Rule 1, rule 2, rule 3……rule 5……zzzzzz…..rule 10. Get to the point! (We even got a quick history lesson about this world’s god).

*wish this information was a little more spread out.*


We got a chess game and a card game…..epic! I really do hope that the games get a lot more creative in later episode. T_o I better stop or I will start to wonder why he lives with his sister and how does he earn money to pay for his computer, electric and house (he looks well-nourished for someone who lives on dehydrated food).


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  1. animekawaii90 | Reply

    Sounds like an interesting anime. I definitely want to watch it. Sounds like a combination between SAO and Yu-Gi-Oh!

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