update 24/04/2014

No posts on:

25thApril and 26th April.

^-o I’m not going to leave you guy with a post that short.


This month I have seen loads of baby animals running around the fields, so far my favourite was an adorable foal walking beside taller horses.  I also manage to see two squirrels cuddling on the remains of a tree (looked like it had been hit by lighting).

^_^ *I have watched two squirrels chase each other around a tree*  

I’m now considering watching: animax http://www.animaxtv.co.uk/

unlike crunchyroll they actually have a ps3 app and a lot of popular shows that I want to watch.

*They give you the option of watching the dub.* 



3 responses

  1. Lucky! I’ve only seen lambs so far, and ponies but they don’t count 😦
    Squirrels are always fun to watch ^_^

    1. ^_^ you need more moor land.

      1. Yeah. I’ll be likely seeing more moorland when I go to Barrow 😀

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