GIRLS und PANZER ending (reaction)

Image“There are special flowers that only grow here” o-T??? How? This ship has probably been though hundreds of different climates.


This was a constantly good series that manages to keep me  laughing and cheering for are girls to win there (very small) contest.

They find a new tank (with crew) just for it to get blown up a minute into the final battle (what was the point?).  *more characters for merchandise.*  

O_O I know more about the tank then girls inside.

The tanks can only be as awesome as the users, for they create the funny code name and execute there bazaar plans. You will remember the nicknames of every tank they use; conversely you will not be able to recall any of the people driving said tanks.

I have to admit that it’s very fun and rewarding to look up the history that surrounds the tanks that these characters are using (keep in mind there Japaneses).  They could have easily created some random tank designs that would have saved them a bundle on animation (i’m thankful for the detail).


*You can’t drift a tank T-o……far as I know.*

These tanks must have been equipped with turbo engines (they look more like car chases).   The tank might look accurate but I doubt that they were capable of doing the mad stunts that were performed in this show.

This anime didn’t disappoint me and I would gladly recommend it.

*T-o The ending feels a little weak to me.*


3 responses

  1. I just finished watching the episode were they were forced to dance in those embarrassing outfits haha.

    1. You need to be made of rubber in order to preform that dance.

      ^_^ we need more goofy dance forfeits in anime.

      1. I agree with you. Another humiliating anime dance that made me chuckle was Lina doing the “Forbidden Dance” in Slayers Next.

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