Z/X IGNITION ending (reaction)

ImageWe have reached the ending of this show and I still have no idea how the Z/X beam portal things work (I’m guessing they lead to different dimensions).

I have no big problem with angles and demons in anime; would they really have a concept of good and bad?  As humans we have the gift of being able to create that distinction for are selves (what one person thinks is bad the other might think is good).

Angles are obedient; in order to have obedience’s you can’t have free thought; in order to not have free thought you can’t have free will.

demon kill because it’s fun

Angles kills because it was ask too

Both are scary if you ask me.

Nothing they do is wrong or correct.

I’m bringing this up because I have seen many anime that depict angel as mad murders and demon as sexy lovers. One: A demon would rape and kill you without a second thought (too many sexy demons) and two: If an angel desires a human/anything that is a sin (don’t anger god).

sorry Fierte “you can never go back”.

*my little rant ^-o*

p.s why make the joke “angels have no gender” if you were just going to make them look distinctively female/male.


That’s just one part of this anime O_O

They might not have answered the question of where these beams came from but they sure gave us a lot of side stories.

A lot of them don’t really go anywhere and you most likely will have forgotten about them as episode go on. You can see it’s trying so hard to get you to care about these characters but outside of their singular episodes there really boring/unengaging.

The last episode tries to be dramatic but ultimately fails (I know nothing about these people outside of their back stories). For the most part this last episode is just warping up as many loose ends as it possibly can (it’s cluttered and flows very poorly).

Episode in short: I’m going away to a distant land.

^-^ yay the last episode, we can final find out why this anime was constantly telling us the time and date? “Look, it’s snowing.”   T_T you spent all that time telling us the time just so we knew it was snowing in winter *facepalm*.


If you want something that does not need much concentration this is for you but, if you want a good action show your better off looking somewhere ells.



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