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Is the Order a Rabbit? (first impression)

Image^_^ yay a cute moe show – One episode later: O_O there is loli in this show!

can I watch this? *uk laws* 

T-o I will have to keep my eye on that.

^_^ You would think crunchyroll would do the research for me (“Recently, My Sister is Unusual” is clearly on the no go list). 

*p.s. I use*


This anime is about a café run by some cute girls (short and sweet).

The moe in this show reaches saccharine levels of cuteness (you just want to hug them).

I’m not very sure why they have decided to call there café the “rabbit house”??? Rabbits are general really grumpy, that’s not a very good image for a cutesy café.

*Come join us in the rabbit house, where we will gladly ignore you and spit in you coffee for no extra fee.* T-O guess you could call it the rabbit hutch in the evening (the café transforms into a bar).

There was very little going on in this episode (even for a moe), I hope they find some way of filling out the air time with the upcoming episodes.

p.s. O_o guns to the head are not cute (why is this becoming popular).



DRAGON COLLECTION (first impression)

ImageU_U I hate 11-12 minutes episode (they leaves me conflicted). 

There seems to be a lot of animes that just want to yell out the titles this season.

“Did you watch DRAGON COLLECTION!”

“Yes, did you get to watch ORECA BATTLE!”

“It was not as good as MAGICA WARS!”

I have no idea why crunchyroll wants to yell out these particular titles. 

I don’t understand why 11-12 minute anime’s should be allowed to have normal opening and ending songs (they should be short and snappy). There is nothing more annoying then having an entertaining show waste its air time on pointless filler.


This anime is about a boy who gets sucked into a game machine.  He also has a dragon that turns into a card that gets powered up by a magical book.

I’m going to presume that this boy is the chosen one of something (otherwise this arcade must have a bad kidnapping reputation).

This anime seem to be well animated, it’s just a pity that the episode end before the action even gets a chance to start. Short anime’s are deigned to be snappy, not long continues plot driven tales *one episode, one story/joke and your done).

There is nothing to write home about.

HEROBANK (first impression)

ImageWe all jump, we all glow, for are mindless kodomo. ^_^

^_o I have a very vast taste when it comes to visual stories (My manga can range from Cinnamoroll to lychee light club). *I really despise teen stories.*

The only time I would ever strait up refuse to watch a show is when it actively makes me feel really uncomfortable (goes against my moral code).

This anime is about a big online contest  that revolves around how much money one can spend on there armour .

our main character signs a contract for some super strong amour and ends up in deep dept.

*shrug* I guess he will have to pay it off by fighting his way though the ranks.

*That’s the show in a nutshell. *

*Money, money, money makes the world go round, so pay up now or we will break your crown (A daft show deserves a daft response).*

Firstly, everyone in this show sounds and looks obnoxious (A very common trait in most kodomo).

Secondly, I don’t think children can sign contracts without parental consent.

Finally, why are so many people watching this match (there ranks are really low).


In one way you could watch this and say “its childish fun that is made to get the kids hyped up for some battle action” however, you could also view it as “This is just a cheap way of getting children used to the idea of spending endless amounts money on online games”.

I hope that there repercussions to his actions (might as well teach the kids something).

The World is Still Beautiful (first impression)

ImageO_O It feels like I just watched 3 episodes smashed into one.

The first thing that I need to get off my chest is this shows animation or lack of.  I know that many anime fan say that the animation does not matter however, surly even you guys can spot that there body’s barley move (you need more then a still frame and mouth flap).

If you honestly need proof that this show is cheap look no further than the last image we see in this show.  We spend 20 seconds starring at a still frame (did someone forget to run the credits).

The opening is basically just are main character walking around with the odd still frame.


XD I know this line should not be funny “she’s dead” but, she delivers it in such a unsympathetic way. *yes my mother is dead, what of it?*

My second problem with this show has to be the music.  I have no problem with anime’s having big sweeping themes going on in the background…..when there is very little dialogue. It’s very hard to concentrate on the subs when both the music and dialogue are competing for my attention.

*Turn the background music down and raise the voices volume (it’s just one big mush of sound)*


Finally, this episode had too much going on.

This episode could have been a lot shorter if you just cut out the robbers and the bland family (just skipped to the time skip).

I also get the odd feeling that this show believes that it’s being hilarious by showing us out-of-place distorted expressions and a 4 wall joke that try and make sexual abuse/rape funny.


I have very little hope for this show.


Arpeggio of Blue Steel ending (reaction)

Image^-o I will always finish my anime (even if it takes me month’s).

The last couple of episodes are very hart warming and will honestly have you wanting are alien friends to push though there hardships. The only thing that makes these last couple of episodes really odd is that the show seems to have forgotten that these girls are computer programs.

The ships  have been created by the fog, they only manifest as females because most human refer to their ships as females.  In short, a ship wants to have a relationship with a human (Am I the only one who finds that wired).


T-o I guess the fog just went away. *I thought the fog was an entity that controlled the alien ships.*


The biggest problem with this show is that all of the characters sound really dull and lifeless (makes sense for the ships but not the humans). It also doesn’t help that the animation looks really unnatural at times.

*This anime likes to use cad animation (computer aided design)*

It felt unnatural because they were trying there best to make the computer animation look like it was drawn (you can spray a tomato blue but it will still be red underneath).

ImageLast question: Why is Takao the main focus on this poster?


DB review: Btooom! vol 3


Title: Btooom! vol 3

Publisher: Yen Press

Author: Junya Inoue

Rating: Mature

The opening to Btoom! Book 3 is a gem, one of my favourites. I can’t say much more as this a critical review not a story summary, but the pace changes in that one chapter are subtle and clever and lead nicely into the story’s second bombshell, the first being that the characters are playing a death game for real.

Another good thing for the story is that by now you are engaging with the characters, getting to know some of their backgrounds while also keeping some mystery in their lives.It’s good to see that in what is in essence an action story, time has been taken on characters you can invest in. Book 3 also gets the reader to evaluate what they might do in certain situations, the battle of self preservation against keeping a team of people together.

It is one of those books that doesn’t bring much new to the story but does immerse you deeper into the characters, their individual story’s, as well as showing that the island is not a safe to place be even without other players.

It moves the story on very nicely though and is as an important part of the story as any other book because if you are like the type of reader I am it totally involves you and does something really important and that is it gets you thinking.

GIRLS und PANZER midway impression


So are girls have now gotten used to their tanks and are ready to move out (I’m so proud).

They seem to have been entered into a contest that will challenge their ability to fire, drive and plan military attacks.

British and chivalry…can we put them two in the same sentence? T-o *long as french are not around.*


My complaint : If you have the advantage in a war situation you don’t handicap yourself in order to give the other team a fighting chance.

I understand that it’s important to be respectful to the opposition but, do you honestly believe that the higher ranking teams are going to handicap themselves like they did.  By holding back there strength they have doomed are main characters to a more destructive defeat at the hands of a ruthless opponent.


The dub has sort of shot itself in the foot by making are main characters sound American. You might be asking why is that a problem?  Well…..they have to face team USA in a tank match (it’s weird).

At least the voice actors of the team USA are trying to sound invested, the team UK’s voice actors just sound like they just want to get paid (can you try and give a dam).


GIRLS und PANZER U-U Argument

Image*British tank team *

 Lea:  french! Y_Y

DB: I think there are blue British/English uniforms

Lea: traditionally the English are red and the french are blue.

*there used to be so much smoke from the guns/canons that it was very hard to see who you were fighting.*

Lea: there is no reason for there war uniforms to be red and there school uniforms to be blue (blue does make a lady look more elegant). You would think there school uniforms would be there war uniforms (the other school goes to battle in the school uniforms).


T_T This lead to a discussion on french history, that lead us into a discussion about the doomesday book, that lead us into a  discussion on the vikings .  I love discussions/debates that make me want to spend my entire day in the library. ^_^


extra, wondering thoughts:  I guess if we are talking about the uk there are the patron saint colours and  you could take into account that the word British has sort of become a catch 22. *ahhhh!*

Thanks to everyone who follows me

I started this blog with the intention of keeping my mind occupied/distracted from that horrible void that comes with finishing college. 

I never expected anyone to actual follow or even like what I posted, far as I was concerned it just served as a log for my anime viewing experiences.  

Hope I can keep you guys moderately happy in the future.

*50 follower! I can’t even comprehend that.*

It’s hard to believe that I started this blog almost over a year ago.  

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna midway impression

Image1. How do boobs jiggle in armor? (can’t be made of metal).

2. why are nubuna’s followers so short?  *They shale destroy kingdoms with there adorableness.*

The biggest problem with this show is that none of the characters have any personality outside of being a woman.

nubuna has to be the worst character on this show.

I don’t like her for one simple reason, she does not understand how her own dam world works.  There is one episode were a lad from a different kingdom ask her to marry him and she reacts with: *flails arms* “oh but we hardly know each other, do you really love me.”

*You’re a moron*

I should not let it bother me but, I really can’t understand why she owns a modern globe (It’s so out of place). I don’t even think that particular map would have even existed during her time period.  If you were trying to conker a particular aware why would you need to look at the entire world?  It stands out like a sore thumb (it’s in every opening sequence).

verdict: T-o slow, boring and not very creative.